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Monday, August 10, 2015


Well folks. This is it.
I'm taking my first blogging break.
I've got waaaaaay too much going on right now and something's gotta go.

The faire is next month.

I'm building a new website - not a blog. I'll tell you all about that later.

My laptop crashed a few months ago and our desktop monitor went out yesterday evening - I'm using a loaner and I don't want to upload a bunch of photos onto someone else' computer.

I need to focus on my for-profit mom-blog more.

I'm recovering from a mild concussion from a not-so-mild swing set accident.  Er... I broke our DIY swing set my husband made for the kids. Meh, it's not so bad anymore but I still get a bit light headed when I move about too much.

I'm performing at another faire next moth as Daniella the Gypsy Queen for the first time ever and I can't even practice due to the concussion. So I guess I'll just get there and wing it right?

Boo concussions. But hey-
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger gives you brain damage right??

I'll be back in October!

Monday, August 3, 2015

teeny weeny, tiny whiny

What does a totally casual Sunday look like?
A sweatband.
A kaftan that's been mended a dozen times.
A bra on the brink of retirement.
Yoga pants.
99 cent sunglasses.
No shoes.
No jewelry.
No makeup.

Zero desire to do anything but wait for the barbecue to finish cooking.

I had taken some melatonin waaaay too late Saturday night and woke up feeling like I had been drugged at a frat party. Not only was I crazy drowsy, my allergies were going berserk like someone had rubbed a hundred cats on my face. 
I'm super allergic to cats.
I'm pretty darn sure a cat broke into my house last night and slept on my face. 
Needless to say, church was completely out of the question for Sunday morning. Sooooo, yeah. No fashion to feature for today. Oh, boo hoo! Right? So instead, here are some cute kids for ya.

Cedar will be ONE next month. 
Holy mackerel Batman.
Well, now it's time to go see what you fiiiiiine folks have been up to.
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