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Thursday, April 5, 2018

the good, the bad and the grumpy

Ok, so here are some Easter pics and a tragic tale.
Ok, it's not tragic... but it is bittersweet I guess you could say.

Here's the story:
My husband and I were evicted from our home last Friday.
Yup. You read right.

I'm sure you guys remembered that I was griping about being broke and my husband having job issues a lot a while back. Well, we got behind on rent.
It's happened before. We get caught up and move on about our lives.

Well, this time - the owner of the mobile home park we were living in decided she didn't want to hang with us anymore.
Fine. I get it. But the way they went about it was pretty ugly.

After they lead us into believing that they would wait for our tax return check to come in so we could get caught up they kicked us out. 
The constable came and gave us 24 hours to get out.

Time began to tick down. I only had a handful of diaper boxes we were saving for a future move and no clue where or how to get started to pack up or where we were going to go.
My mom told me to "come home". 
No adult wants to hear that!
Being an adult hearing my mother say "come home" was like being handed the Official Certificate of Failure to Adult.

We didn't have much of a choice there but we're grateful we had a place to go.

My husband rented a second storage space and an army of church members cancelled bible study and came help us. They brought pizza, water, trailers, huge moving boxes - the works!

I was so grateful but overwhelmed as everything was happening so fast. My head was spinning. There were so many people there asking how they could help I wanted to cry with gratitude and frustration.

It was an awesome experience having so much help but it was incredibly chaotic. Especially since all I wanted to do was hop in my car, chain smoke all the way to a hotel in Vegas and drink myself into a stupor while I listed to dramatic opera music. 

Sunday, we went to our church's Easter festivities. Being there, trying to pretend like I wasn't stressed to the max and emotionally fatigued was exhausting. Getting to wear my African print maxi and Afghani glass bead necklace together made me feel a little better... 

I got Cedar a gorgeous lavender and silver brocade 60s-style shift dress for Easter but it got misplaced in the move. Luckily Cedar's granny rush delivered a dress she made for her to wear for Easter and we got it just in time.

Anyway. I am super grateful we had a place to go, but good heavens I'm ready to get out of here!

My patience is paper thin and my nerves are absolutely frayed. The change is making my kids act horrible! (And me too!)
And a beer and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Right now, we're house hunting. My husband is driving over 50 miles total to and from work so it would be great if we could get back to our town as soon as possible.
Please forgive me if I don't get to visit your blogs this week. I hope you understand, it's a little crazy around here.
Phew! Pray for me, ya'll.

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