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Monday, September 26, 2016

My Faire Lady, Version 5.0

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

Soooooo.... yeah!
Here I am as  Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen at the 5th Annual Texarkana Renaissance Faire this weekend.
You remember that faire I used to own, yeah that one. Hee hee.
Now that I'm just assistant director I was free to do pretty much whatever I wanted.
I didn't have to walk miles and miles back and forth to collect money from the ticket booth.
I didn't have to answer a single phone call from confused merchant about where their booth is supposed to be set up.
I didn't have to calm angry patrons.
I didn't have to pay entertainment fees and utility bills.
I got to do what I've always wanted to do:

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire


2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

Last year I tried to dance a little bit but I was so out of shape, I could barely make it through a whole song. On top of that I was already having to run back and forth to do important "owner things" so I was pretty darn worn down.

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

I started working on getting into better shape and building my dance endurance several months ago and it paid off big time. It was hot as Hades (in the mid-90s) and a few of my gypsies had to leave early from heat exhaustion (and other cast members as well) but I made it!
I danced in the heat with ease but the face sweating made me pretty miserable. Under my fuchsia headscarf is a bandanna that's been folded several times to catch sweat but that did nothing for my temples, nose and upper lip though. I was dripping sweat all dang day. I kept having to reapply my eyebrows and I had an allergic reaction to all my jewelry.
But I still had fun!

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

I wasn't really able to do any fancy Russian style skirt dancing like I practiced because of the over-skirt and belt pouches so I belly danced and threw in a few Romani dance moves I've picked up form the internet. 

Renaissance Faire Gypsy

renaissance faire gypsy camp

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

And here are my babies! Finally old enough to join mommy in the gypsy camp. YAY!

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

2016 Texarkana Renaissance Faire

Child's gypsy renaissance faire costume

Well anywho, I am burnt out and exhausted. I've been on the computer editing and uploaded faire photos to Facebook aaaaaaaall day long and I need to go start dinner. And by start dinner I mean microwave something, sit on the couch and watch Netflix until my husband gets home. I'll share more faire pics and stop by your bloggies in a couple days.
LATERZ. Here's a four second video of me dancing I found.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

my lips are on fire

Here's me modeling some freebie pants from Soul Flower. In case you've been living under a rock or just don't pay attention to me, I write an article for them every other month. They give me organic hippie swag and I give them my magic words. This month I had to recycle another post form Quirky Bohemian Mama because I was just so strapped for time. I revamped my "30 Ways to Make Your Life Less Boring" post and it should be up over at Soul Flower after Labor Day.

Heck, it might be up now. I haven't checked yet.

FYI: I'm entering my third month of the whole diet and exercise thing and I've only lost 13 out 100 lbs but hey, it's better than gaining 13 lbs right? I'm not freaking out trying to look like Beyonce or anything like that. I'm mostly just after smaller boobs and no diabetes. 

I'd really like some chili-cheese fries right now.

Aw, man I look cool, don't I?
I don't STOP for anyone.
I YIELD, baby. I yield.


Yesterday I hosted Cedar's first birthday party. She'll be 2 on the 6th but she did't get a party last year so yeah, her first birthday party... for her 2nd birthday. Here are a few photos and you can get more details about it over at my other blawg

See you all laterz!

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