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Saturday, February 23, 2013


This evening me and the husband dropped the baby off with his aunt and went out for some sushi for the first time in months. Boy oh boy was I ready to get out and do something!
There's a ghost orb on my face. Ooooohhhh spooky monkey.
What I wore:
Knit cap and boots: local beauty supply store
Stripe shirt: Old Navy
Tank underneath and jeggings: Walmart

 I had sake for the fist time in forever! It was waaaaaaarm and wonderful. Since I abstained from alcohol for nine months the sake hit me kind of hard and fast...aaand  it didn't help much that I felt obligated to finish off the bottle before we left.  Waste not want not, right?

I also had fresh octopus for the first time. This was a very important event for me because the first time I had octopus it was old and stretchy and the taste was unbelievably terrible. I needed to get that horrific memory out of my head and having fresh octopus did the trick.

When we got home, we could have sat and had a nice quiet evening together while the baby was away but I was starting to get very antsy about being away from him for so long. 
Our little date was brief but totally refreshing. Maybe for our next date we'll get to take those underwater knitting lessons we've always wanted to take. Heh... kidding.
Or am I?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

honk honk

  What the heck is going on party people? I hope everyone is having a supreme Tuesday.
Today me and the family went to Marshall for our last appointment with the midwife. This was the baby's longest trip so far and he didn't handle it too well. He cried most of the way there on our hour and thirty minute long journey. He's gotta learn to cope before we head to New York for my sister-in-law's wedding in June. Yes, we're driving folks. From Texas to New York with a baby. Man, oh man.
So here's what I wore today.
 Sweater, tank & leggings - Walmart
Necklace - Etsy
Skirt - Target
Socks - Just a $1
Shoes (old) - Citi Trends
A few years ago I went out with some friends wearing socks with my heels. They looked at me like I had lost my mind! One guy stared at my feet and said "What's going on there?" No one had seen it done before and they were quite baffled. I never did it again after that. Since it's kind of a  trend now, I can wear my socks and heels again without question or judgement. I love getting my way.
Due to the pleasant temperature of the afternoon I totally could have gone leggingless but... um... I haven't shaved my legs in well over a month... or two...
 Have I introduced you to my tattoos yet? No? Well here's 2/4. 
Of course the fly on my left arm always raises eyebrows and stirs up a stream of questions when it's spotted. "Why?" people ask. "Why the fly?"
Why not?
A cousin once said to me, "I have a tattoo of cute little bees. Bees are attracted to honey. You have a fly. Flies are attracted to sh*t."
Yes, I know- and dead things, rotting fruit, stinky stuff... and sugar. HA! Take THAT!
So anywho, when this tattoo (named Fillipe) was still fresh and healing, the spike from a snow shoe caught me in arm and carved his eye out. Total freak accident. So he only has one eye, the poor dear.
The stars on my right arm don't mean a thing either. Just stars.
So what the eff is for dinner tonight?  Awesomeness, that's what. Gotta go cook now. Laters!

Monday, February 18, 2013

squishy face

Woo hoo! I'm finally getting back into some pre-pregnancy clothes!
I'm running some errands today and boy does it feel good to get out of the house! Lately I've been cooped up in the house with the baby so I haven't had much of a reason to do more than put on some pajama pants and maybe some deodorant. So putting on some decent clothes and makeup is cause for celebration... or maybe just a blog post.
I'm so excited that I can fit into my favorite vintage jacket again!
 I'm not unhappy in this photo- I'm just wondering if my mom is going to see these pictures and call me to yell at me for not wearing lipstick...
After wearing solid black outfits and dark colors for over three years straight, I made it one of my New Years resolutions to introduce some color into my wardrobe. I'm not ready to burst out the rainbow paisley just yet but I'm becoming more brave- slowly but surely.
Sexy flat post-birth stomach courtesy of Mrs. Girdle.
vintage jacket - yard sale
tank - handmedown
skirt - Target
tall brown socks - Just a $1
boots (old) - Ross Dress for Less
necklace - purchased from merchant at my Renaissance faire (for a glorious $5!)
 Cleeeeeeavage... sorry....
or am I?
What's River up to today?
Buddha Belly bath time.
(He's not that big, our tub is just that small)
I love it when you try to wake a sleeping baby and they squirm and curl up into a tight little baby ball...
 and make sleepy pucker lips.
Squishy face mama kisses

Sunday Wunday

The Deep Thinker is 4 weeks weeks old now.
Yesterday I gave myself my bi-monthly permanent relaxer. A lot of women wouldn't dare give themselves a relaxer at home because if it's done improperly it can result in chemical burns and severe hair damage. Luckily my mom was a hair stylist so I learned how to do it the right right way. This is me pre-relaxer. I aim to look like the Michelle Obama lookalike model here. Joke.
A random photo of some "It's a boy" Hershey's kisses. I can't believe they've lasted so long. Everyday I'm tempted to just dump the whole bowl into my mouth and chow down... foil, paper flags and all.
Another random photo and a random fact about me: The Princess and the Frog is my mostest favorite Disney movie of all time. Never seen it? You're missing out. A black Disney princess from the 1920s in New Orleans? Um, yeah. Awesome.
The husband brought home some wonderful goodies Saturday evening. You can never go wrong with a variety pack. My favorite so far is the Ranger India Pale Ale. It's so light and crispy.
he husband also scored some free wine. The owner of our favorite liquor store gave him a free bottle of Gnarly Head when he bought this new wine (Pettite Petit) he just got it. I like the Pettite Petit but I'm not a fan of the Gnarly Head. Too manly for my taste. But hey, free wine!
Keeping up with my New Years resolution: Paint my nails more or buy less nail polish. I love this color so much I actually painted my toes to match... if you know me, you'd know that's super rare. I'm not a fan of matching. This is LA Colors brand nail polish. It's usually only $1 and it comes in the most amazing assortment of colors.
And of course... RIVER! He's turning out to be quite a handsome little guy! I was a little worried about how he would turn out considering what strange looking babies me and husband were.
My sister, 4. My mom, 28. Me, 2 weeks old.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

in the... bedroom...

Sunlight was pouring into our bedroom in a very sentimental mommy blogger kind of way. Blah, blah, blah, lovely. So now that I've said that I think I'm supposed to talk about how the sun beaming through the window made me feel and then follow that up by quoting some poetry or a some song lyrics. 
I'm not going to do that. Why? Because that's not my style and abundant sunlight in our bedroom means only one thing to me...
Allow me to narrate: Ahem.
So this is me au naturel in my delightfully mismatched clothes.
Left: Ralph Steadman "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" poster. It was on our Amazon wedding registry and someone actually got it for us. 
Right: Photo of me and the husband at our wedding reception
 Baby River, pitching a fit because I wouldn't pick him up.
Mama gave in.
 This is my "I don't have anywhere to put this stuff" board. I made it by gluing fabric to a vintage picture frame.
 Left: What's Boxtree? Boxtree is a band I was in about six years ago. Those are some buttons I made for us.
Right: I can't stand empty picture frames, so if I have nothing to put in them, I'll make my own art.
Bonus Photos
Remember that band I mentioned? Boxtree. Well here's us in 2006. Can you guess which one is me? Can you find me??? Stop laughing. 
And here's us having a little reunion at my wedding reception in 2010.
Super extra bonus:
Hopelessly single me wound up marrying our cello player's big brother just four years later. Cute no?
Join a band. Find a man.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is my third week of mommydom and my brain is mush.
It's February and I'm just now thinking about the dates for the 2013 Renaissance Faire. This time last year, I already had the deposit paid, contracts made, sponsors lined up and entertainment scouted. It's time to start raising funds for the faire so I've been trying to think of a unique idea for a fundraising/promoting event but I can't. I'm mentally constipated so bad right now!

So, I'm having a very hard time trying to think of a creative fundraising idea and that worries me. I've never had issues with this kind of stuff before. Well, it does take a rather creative mind when thinking of how to entertain the people of this town. Why? Because the people around here are very normal and my mind isn't wired to think "normal". The people here are just ordinary Southerners who like fishing, hunting and country music so it's a huge challenge to think of how to entertain them creatively without turning them off or freaking them out. You have to introduce new things to them veeeery gently and veeeery carefully... and my brain just isn't cooperating with me right now.
Ok, let's think.
How about a "sexy ladies of the Renaissance" themed car wash? Nah.
NASCAR, DaVinci Style?
Mmm... a "Race for the (Plague) Cure" marathon??  Maybe?
Here's a little bonus for ya.
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