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Monday, February 11, 2013

my last minute homemade steampunk costume

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I was unable to get photos of myself from my Steampunk ball. Well luckily our photographer was able to get plenty of shots for me. So, this is what I wore. Since I just had a baby three weeks ago my options from my costume stash are rather limited. I've still got about thirty pounds to lose before I can get back into a lot of my clothes and costumes... until then, I'll gladly play the role of the buxom Victorian vixen.
Me and my good buddy and go-to emcee, Brian.
 After decorating the hall for the ball I had thirty minutes to dash back home, get dressed and make-uped, load the car with the rest of the food and get the baby ready for the babysitter. On the way home I realized that I had NO idea what I was going to wear to my own event. Eh, I wasn't too worried though. I'm the master of last minute costumes.
Just when I thought my taataas couldn't get any bigger, I go and have a baby. Geez I am one busty gal... um...BOOBIES! 
The only thing I bought for this costume was the mini top hat (I bought that a couple of months ago). It was steal at $7 and I knew I would want it for my costume.
Mini Top Hat - Local party supply store
Blouse - Normally worn under my Renaissance gown, Etsy
Studded cincher- leftover from Mrs. Lovette Halloween costume a couple of years ago
Skirt - long cotton tierd skirt tucked up on the sides, garage sale
Leggings - Etsy
Boots - Hand-me-downs
I didn't have time to get the electric kettle for tea so I had to serve hot water out of our dingy coffee pot from home. How elegant!
Hee hee, no. That's not my real hair. If you're a habitual last minute home-made costume person like me, you learn of the importance of hair pieces and wigs quick.


  1. You look bloody fantastic!!
    I adore Steampunk, it's just the coolest thing!
    I would have loved to come to your party and sashay down the "catwalk" with you! XXX

  2. The photos make me want to be there!

  3. Spectacular - you are so beautiful! And I don't mind a hair piece or two myself. Sarah xxx

  4. I need more hair pieces in my life! Your costumes are all ingenious and hilarious I love them, particularly Hunter S. This costume is also fantastico! xxx

  5. your outfit is so fun & so are the other costumes. wha ta cool think to throw, looks like a blast!


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