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Monday, February 18, 2013

squishy face

Woo hoo! I'm finally getting back into some pre-pregnancy clothes!
I'm running some errands today and boy does it feel good to get out of the house! Lately I've been cooped up in the house with the baby so I haven't had much of a reason to do more than put on some pajama pants and maybe some deodorant. So putting on some decent clothes and makeup is cause for celebration... or maybe just a blog post.
I'm so excited that I can fit into my favorite vintage jacket again!
 I'm not unhappy in this photo- I'm just wondering if my mom is going to see these pictures and call me to yell at me for not wearing lipstick...
After wearing solid black outfits and dark colors for over three years straight, I made it one of my New Years resolutions to introduce some color into my wardrobe. I'm not ready to burst out the rainbow paisley just yet but I'm becoming more brave- slowly but surely.
Sexy flat post-birth stomach courtesy of Mrs. Girdle.
vintage jacket - yard sale
tank - handmedown
skirt - Target
tall brown socks - Just a $1
boots (old) - Ross Dress for Less
necklace - purchased from merchant at my Renaissance faire (for a glorious $5!)
 Cleeeeeeavage... sorry....
or am I?
What's River up to today?
Buddha Belly bath time.
(He's not that big, our tub is just that small)
I love it when you try to wake a sleeping baby and they squirm and curl up into a tight little baby ball...
 and make sleepy pucker lips.
Squishy face mama kisses


  1. Precious little man of yours! You got out of the house today in great colors and looking very cute regardless of going sans lipstick. You did great!

    Looking at these sweet photos reminds me of all the cozy times when my kids were so small. He'll be a teenager before you know it!!

  2. Your coat is look amazing! And I love the nail polish too. Your little man is SOOOOOOOOOO cute in that onezie.....I want to eat him up! Xx

  3. You look lovely! And I really like your necklace xx

  4. Oh, look at your wee Buddah Baby, he's gorgeous! And you look great. I love the pink and green colour combo ans the vintage coat rocks. Xo

  5. River is TOO cute! Ha, he is a Buddha Baby!
    It must feel so good to get back to your old clothes, and it hasn't taken long at all! Funny, my Mama never went anywhere without her lipstick, and I always feel a bit guilty if I don't have any have the cutest smile, and you can totally rock the colours! X

  6. oh my, those squishy faces are just too cute! You look full of naughtiness, keep buying more colour, you look great! xx


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