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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is my third week of mommydom and my brain is mush.
It's February and I'm just now thinking about the dates for the 2013 Renaissance Faire. This time last year, I already had the deposit paid, contracts made, sponsors lined up and entertainment scouted. It's time to start raising funds for the faire so I've been trying to think of a unique idea for a fundraising/promoting event but I can't. I'm mentally constipated so bad right now!

So, I'm having a very hard time trying to think of a creative fundraising idea and that worries me. I've never had issues with this kind of stuff before. Well, it does take a rather creative mind when thinking of how to entertain the people of this town. Why? Because the people around here are very normal and my mind isn't wired to think "normal". The people here are just ordinary Southerners who like fishing, hunting and country music so it's a huge challenge to think of how to entertain them creatively without turning them off or freaking them out. You have to introduce new things to them veeeery gently and veeeery carefully... and my brain just isn't cooperating with me right now.
Ok, let's think.
How about a "sexy ladies of the Renaissance" themed car wash? Nah.
NASCAR, DaVinci Style?
Mmm... a "Race for the (Plague) Cure" marathon??  Maybe?
Here's a little bonus for ya.


  1. Eeep! Good luck with coming up with the fundraising idea - I wish I could help. Race or Run from the plague sounds great to me, haha. I am sure you will come up with something great. Being a mom is so tough, but at least you have an adorable bundle of joy to make everything better :]

  2. Ah, the brain, Insane In The Membrane a la Cipress Hill.
    It gets worse when the kids are teens so enjoy your beautiful bundle of joy.
    By the way in the last photo, it looks like he is thinking very hard!

    1. Hopefully by the time the baby is a teen, he'll be able to help me plan this stuff... save me some brain power!

  3. Bahahahahaaaaaa, I love your crazy brain face!!!
    I get like that sometimes and I don't have anywhere near the amount of stuff on my plate you have!!!I'm all over the Renaissance ladies car wash!!! Dammit, those small town folks are just gonna have to get with the program!

    1. Amen! I'll wash a car in my linen chemise for a buck or two

  4. three weeks, congrats!!! i dont know how you think at all, but esp creatively! hope you can get a bit of sleep in w/ that little cutie!

  5. Aw congrats on being a mommy for 3 weeks. He is just too darling!! Hope your enjoying all your time with him :)


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