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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Wunday

The Deep Thinker is 4 weeks weeks old now.
Yesterday I gave myself my bi-monthly permanent relaxer. A lot of women wouldn't dare give themselves a relaxer at home because if it's done improperly it can result in chemical burns and severe hair damage. Luckily my mom was a hair stylist so I learned how to do it the right right way. This is me pre-relaxer. I aim to look like the Michelle Obama lookalike model here. Joke.
A random photo of some "It's a boy" Hershey's kisses. I can't believe they've lasted so long. Everyday I'm tempted to just dump the whole bowl into my mouth and chow down... foil, paper flags and all.
Another random photo and a random fact about me: The Princess and the Frog is my mostest favorite Disney movie of all time. Never seen it? You're missing out. A black Disney princess from the 1920s in New Orleans? Um, yeah. Awesome.
The husband brought home some wonderful goodies Saturday evening. You can never go wrong with a variety pack. My favorite so far is the Ranger India Pale Ale. It's so light and crispy.
he husband also scored some free wine. The owner of our favorite liquor store gave him a free bottle of Gnarly Head when he bought this new wine (Pettite Petit) he just got it. I like the Pettite Petit but I'm not a fan of the Gnarly Head. Too manly for my taste. But hey, free wine!
Keeping up with my New Years resolution: Paint my nails more or buy less nail polish. I love this color so much I actually painted my toes to match... if you know me, you'd know that's super rare. I'm not a fan of matching. This is LA Colors brand nail polish. It's usually only $1 and it comes in the most amazing assortment of colors.
And of course... RIVER! He's turning out to be quite a handsome little guy! I was a little worried about how he would turn out considering what strange looking babies me and husband were.
My sister, 4. My mom, 28. Me, 2 weeks old.


  1. Congrats on your lovely River=Deep Thinker weeks birthdays and thank you for sharing your old photo. Its great to see how similar our childhood photos are.
    Free wine always taste good! Ranger India Pale sound like something I should be having right now.

  2. River is a beautiful boy for sure. I love the deep thinker shot. That mixed case of interesting beers sounds very good in deed!

  3. Found your blog yesterday from TBB. You are right in front of my blog on the countdown lol. :P And I do have to say that I love you, love your blog and love your cute little boy. I am officially addicted! You have a new follower. :) Congratulations on motherhood! Ain't it the best lol? Your son is SO DARN CUTE!!!!! :D

    Please check out my blog @

  4. I was partial to the firefly and the alligator myself. :O

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (Sorry! Wrong account. Seriously need to delete it somehow...)

      So I just clicked to read the comments and saw the bit about being a "dirty little stalker." So here's my comment. :'D

      But seriously, Hershey's kisses can be very hard to resist.


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