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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Am I a hypocrite? Or a hippopotamus?

Yeah, let's go ahead and try to ignore how huge my boobs are look in this dress...
Sorry for the boring outfit. I was in the middle of getting dressed when I got distracted and ventured outside to check on the BBQ.... er, well to supervise my husband handling live fire.  We decided to spark up the grill today and with plans to hit the park later but the meat took longer than expected and heavy rain clouds kept rolling overhead laughing at us, spitting on us and then skipping away, mocking us and our optimism.
Anywho.  Since we've been busy for the past couple weekends, we haven't had a chance to look at trailers for the big move, but we're still cleaning up and cleaning out. Here's another load ready to head to Goodwill. I loooove getting rid of stuff. Too bad I'm too lazy to do a yard sale. We could use the money, but I just don't have the time nor the patience to sit in the Texas heat and humidity for ten hours only to pull in $15 at the end of the day... it has happened before.
  Today is the first day I've really got to try out my new camera. Oh yeah, did I mention I got a new camera?
OMG I am TOTALLY a photographer now! Let me take crappy pics of your wedding and your baby and your WHOLE FAMILY... because I have a CAMERA NOW!
Did I mention I'm a photographer now because I have new camera?!
Ugh, we all know at least one person like that. 
So with that little rant out of the way - here are some pics from the week. I have no clue what I'm doing. I just put the camera on auto-mode and press the button.

 And how frugal is Hollie? River's good shoes are still caked in mud from the faire last weekend, so I  turned his cheap outside-play shoes into fancy new shoes for church with shoe polish. Weeeeeee.
Speaking of frugal... um... maybe some of you have already seen this?

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No, not that. Cedar typed that when I stepped away. I mean this:
My spinoff mom-blog, Modern Colors Two is now Quirky Bohemian Mama. I know the name is kind of lame but I needed to change the name of my blog to something that will attract the kind of readers I know I'll appeal to. Modern Colors Two was too vague and sounds like a site about interior  decorating. So, I thought long and hard - if someone put a gun to my head and said, "Label yourself or DIE!" I would say, "Erm, quirky... um, bohemian? Please don't shoot me, ok?.. and I need some fresh undies..."

Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIRTY THIRTY (pic heavy, text light)

"High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds
There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly
Not much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck"
-Tenacious D
Me and the family went to the new Avalon Faire in Kilgore, TX for my 30th birthday yesterday.
Well, it wasn't really FOR my birthday... we wen't ON my birthday but it was pretty fitting since I went to my very first  faire on my 19th birthday. So... yeah. Cute, right?

Besides my own, Avalon is only the third faire I've ever visited. I'm not too crazy about faires (SHUT UP!) but I like to go to take notes on what to do, what NOT to do and to recruit vendors and entertainers for my faire

Plus, you know I can't pass up a chance to dress up the entire family on a not-Halloween day!
Also the people who started this faire and work this faire are big supporters of my faire, so I needed to go reciprocate the love and support they've given me for the past three years.
Mother Nature had rained buckets on this poor new faire all week and it turned into a serious mud pit. Even this poor falcon was like, "Yo dawg, this is jacked up."
Anywho... here are some pics taken with my new camera!
Quick camera story - my husband bought a $680 camera off a dude for $100. The guy's wife had only used it once for a birthday party. It was sitting gathering dust and he wanted the money more than he did the camera. So YEAH!


  And yes, this is a giant walking, talking tree. A little creepy a first, but once you get used to him, he's actually pretty dang majestic.
That was my birthday weekend!
How was yours?
Er, your weekend... or birthday I guess?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

oh my my my

This is you right now:

No, a tornado did not hit our bedroom and this is not the result of negligent home care.
We're cleaning up and cleaning out!!
 We've been living like this for a few days and it's a little irritating but it's a beautiful vision of progress!
So what's up with all this cleaning out stuff?
Spring cleaning? 
Er... sort of...
We're more kind of spring cleaning... our lives.
oooohhh... deep.

 We're looking for a travel trailer to live in.
Yeah, we're downsizing from a trailer to a... well, a much smaller trailer.
We're looking for a trailer in complete working order but the cosmetics inside and out, we're not too worried about because we're going to do this to it... or something like this:
Yeah, this one pictured below was awesome but waaaay out of our price range.
Who the heck needs an outdoor kitchen??
Just smile and nod and listen to the nice lady's sales pitch.
 This one was way more affordable with a wonderfully outdated interior that I would LOVE to destroy! But still out of budget. We didn't find what we're looking for but that's ok. We don't have a deadline or anything like that.
 So here's the plan:
I'll keep this brief since there's really quite a lot of details that goes into an adventure like this -  So here are just the main points of the plan.

#1 Clean up and get rid of stuff! I'm going through each room and selling off stuff we don't want, donating clothes we don't wear any more, etc. Even if we change our minds about living in the trailer, this is still something that really needs to be done.

#2. Get the trailer and spice it up.
This isn't quite what were going to do but something like that.

 #3. Move what we can into the new trailer and place what won't fit into storage (that way we'll have it when we buy or build our new home later).

#4. Borrow some land in town to park on. There's plenty to be had with all the farmers and rural friends and family we have around here. Also, we need to stay in town right now so Caleb can continue his job.

#5. Park and live, travel on the weekends.

 But why?? Why would I want to live that way???? What about this kids?? The faire?
No worries, that's all been considered:

First of all, this isn't permanent. We're downgrading and living beneath our means so we can save money for land for the faire. Yup. We're trying to make it a permanent faire with real buildings and all that jazz. 

Trying to turn the city's fairgrounds into a 16th century village kinda sucks... and honestly I hate the way it looks. We need to build a real faire, that runs for more than one weekend and will  generate a real profit and steady income. Also at the faire I can finally open up the bohemian and gypsy thingies shop I've been wanting to open for the past eight years! 

Oh yeah, on the land, we're also building an event venue for weddings and shows to rent out during the off season... there's been talks of a gothic circus but I have zero circus experience so we've kind of put that on the back burner... ok, really it's off the stove completely for now. We'll also host our own non-renaissance festivals during off season too. I've got some awesome ideas for some super groovy festivals I just can't wait to try out!

And the kids? Well from what we saw while looking at trailers, just as long as the trailer has a "bunk house" there's actually plenty room for two kiddos. If they start getting too wild, just send them outside! That's where they belong! I mean just look poor Cedar - she's a vampire! A little sun won't hurt her...
Wait. Or will it? 

I want to travel.
I want my children to see America.
I want to have my faire, my store, my venue and host my events.
I want  my husband to do what he loves and climb mountains and trees and shoot snakes or whatever else people do outside...
I want out of this stupid trailer park.
"I want I want I want" doesn't work well for me.
I'm a doer.
I can only "want" for so long until I snap...and force my family to live in a tiny travel  trailer.


Oh yeah, I gots me a new fancy phone (for $20!) and I'm finally on Instagram... whatever that is.
Come see me and pictures of my food and stuff...
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