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Sunday, April 5, 2015

the Easter lasers

Yay, it's Easter. Celebrate... eggs... church... pastels... florals yaaaay, ok.
So let me kick this post off with a strange tale of our weird run of bad luck recently. It all started last Saturday...

A bottle of lotion busted in my purse and clogged up my phone.

I bought a new phone and found I wasted $25 on the wrong kind of pre-paid card to add minutes.

Phone service won't transfer, soooo- no phone.

Old phone kinda starts working, but phone service still won't transfer to the new phone.

Phone service still won't transfer.

Husband had a flat tire while out running errands.

A bottle of water busted in my purse and soaked my old phone that was already near death AND my camera (also chewing gum, some bribery candy for River, a bundle of tampons and my wallet). 
I had removed the battery from my phone to let it dry but after seeing my husband was trying to call me on our land-line (which also doesn't work) I figured something must be up. Indeed he had ANOTHER flat a few towns over on his way from work. We managed to communicate (barely!) with texts. 
I get home... aaaaaand
my laptop crashes.

After my Nieces' birthday party at a golf place in the mall, River threw about five limp-bodied, screaming hissy fits all the way to the car. At dinner I burned my fingertips on a pan I just took out of the oven. Then, that night I stubbed my pinky toe so hard on the kitchen table that it's still throbbing with pain and I'm pretty sure it's going to fall off soon.
I slept in rollers and got all gussied up for Easter, stepped outside and... 
it's raining!
It can't get any worse than falling curls!!
NOOOOO!! My life is ruined! Forget the phone. Forget the laptop!
(Please realize I'm just kidding.)

EDIT: My husband just announced that we now have ANOTHER flat tire. That makes three, folks.
Something smells fishy... and it ain't me.
I showered last night.

Well here's what's keeping me sane through all this though:
I was able to save my phone and camera by drying them out in a bowl of rice. So I still have a phone, I can only text on it but it's better than nothing!
And I'm not sure what the heck is going on with the new phone and why I can't activate the darn thing. Also, we have a desktop computer and a friend recently sold us a tablet for super cheap so I'll survive quite nicely until I get my laptop fixed.

Moving on:
Here's the golf place I mentioned earlier. That's the birthday girl, my niece doing... golf things...
I would very much like to have this neon hippo head in my living room.
 The great thing about letting a toddler play in an arcade is that you don't have to spend a dime. Just set them in front of something and watch 'em go. They don't  know they're not actually playing the game.

Oh yeah, it's Cedar's first Easter!

Ok, that's it.


  1. That bowling place looks crazy! SO SO sorry about all your bad luck :( If it makes you feel any better, I've had 2 flat tires in the past month and also a bottle of water emptied in my purse at the museum and I didn't notice for like 2 hours. My phone was submerged in water for 2 hours... there was NO fixing it. HOWEVER, it did not rain for us today and my hair was super curly ;)

  2. Happy Easter, buddy. Sorry 'bout the recent hardships. Hope life turns around for you.

  3. How does technology always know when other hardware is going on strike? I'ts eerie, isn't it? At least you manage to keep smiling and lookin' good!

  4. Oh God nooo, that sounds terrible! I'm sorry to hear about so much bad luck! It can only get better from here! *fingers crossed*

  5. Ehrmahgerd! I blame the blood moon! But sorry to hear these all happened at once. Eeeeeek! It's good that you can still joke about it.

    PS It's always about the hair, dahling...XOXO

  6. Still smiling despite all the catastophes. Chin up, love! xxx

  7. Yikes. Maybe that means you're in for a string of good luck now! The golf place looks pretty fun.

  8. That a whole bunch of suck rolled into one week. Glad it all ended well at the arcade. That place reminds me of a nightmare I had once. LOL


  9. Wow, what a week! I remember those toddler tantrums - my 16-year-old son still has them sometimes (he has Asberger's and is mentally still in grade school in some ways).
    You look wonderful in your Easter outfit and the family is adorable as always. The golf place looks so fun.

  10. Happy Easter! Your little cuties are so cute!

  11. but candy happened on Sunday!! That golf place looks insane, does it serve booze?

  12. Girl, I know about the run on flat tires. Had a million of them last year! Such a pain. Thank goodness you got most of the stuff sorted. The kids are looking adorbs and having a blast---no $$$ needed! Those arcades get expensive when they get older.

  13. Well, you're still smiling. Gaaa! That counts. Mothers the world over should sign up for your blog to find out how you do it. What a week. So in disgustingly cute fashion I shall say, oh, well, that means you won't have any more mishaps for the rest of the year. Gaaa! Too bad the lotion phone didn't get wet and maybe wash out the goop. Text is better than nothing. Carry on.

  14. Oh dear you have had a run of it! We're having a similar thing with appliances. Washing machine stuffed, laptop screwed, both our mobiles on their last legs, TV not working, plus all the upcoming baby expenses on top of all my medical costs on one below average wage. But hey if we can pay rent and eat we'll be fine! I hope things are on the way up for you guys asap! Xx

  15. Poor you xxx
    Don't you just hate runs of bad luck :( Our vacuum cleaner died over the weekend so it now looks as though we're about to host a hoe down what with all the sawdust and hay the bunnies have spread about! So that's our stereo, my sewing machine and the vacuum...


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