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Monday, May 30, 2016

eating my food's food...

What's up with me?
I'm on a heavily plant-based, low sodium, no-carb diet and I hate it.
Oh, the horrible things we have to do ourselves to prevent heart disease and diabetes. Torture.
TORTURE I tell ya!

Have a nice Memorial Day my fellow Muricans.
Enjoy your stupid barbecue and potato chips.... and barbecue flavored potato chips.
But I will have beer.
Hops is a plant.

Enjoy this pic from back when I  had time to play dressup and do weird things in my bathroom.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

And some stuff and some things and that other stuff too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - we're house hunting.... kind of. I'll explain.
Since we discovered a few months ago that buying a trailer and living on the road would cost MORE than our current living situation - we've decided to just go ahead and find a house to settle in to. We're most desperate to get out of this blasted trailer park. Since my husband is no longer the manager, the park has gone downhill fast. Two trailers burned to the ground just a couple months ago from a meth lab fire.
When my husband was manager, he researched every single potential tenant on his own free time to make sure everyone coming into the park was a decent person. 
Decent people don't cook meth...
We gotta get outta here.

We're wanting to buy a house on no less than 2 acres (there's lots of land to be had here) and start a garden and my "fowl farm" that I've been dreaming of for years (little known fact about me). Yeah I want a farm with all kinds of ducks, chickens and peacocks and maybe even an emu or ostrich... why?
Have you seen how much ONE peacock or ostrich feather costs???  I'm gonna be rich from selling feathers! RICH I TELL YA!! What's the deal with feathers? Well if you're into renaissance faires or any kind of costume making or haberdashery then you'd know - you'd know....

▲▲Hold up, ya'll. ▲▲
Can we stop and take a look at the cork floors in this bathroom?
The pink is AWESOME but but cork floors in a bathroom??? EW.

Moving on - a friend of ours is wanting to remodel and sell his house that he kind of abandoned about four years ago. See, his wife got cancer and took a sudden turn for the worse and passed away here. So yeah, he had zero interest in staying here. He's remarried and would like to go ahead and sell the house but he's still not comfortable going into the home. 

His new wife has been trying to redo the house in her spare time while he's out of town but they're needing to do a bit more than just painting. So he're where we come in.

An idea has come up that we move in and take over the remodel in exchange for little to no rent.
The home owner would pay for materials and we continue to fix it up for him. This should be no problem at all.
My husband is quite the handyman. He's a diesel mechanic by trade but he can do carpentry, masonry, electric stuff, plumbing, everything... but remember to take out the trash every other day. Ahem... 

I'm not sure what the plan is after we finish the house since we really have no interest in living there permanently. We're wanting a more rural setting and this house is in the burbs and is entirely too close the the neighbors house.
I've always said - if you can open your kitchen window and ask the neighbor if you can borrow a cup a sugar, you're too dang close.
I grew up on a farm and my husband grew up on a peach orchard. We're used to having our space. 
Suburban life ain't for us.

Buuuuuut - our credit is awful. I'm up to my ears in medical bill debt and I own nothing except a car I paid off in my mother's name and my husband doesn't really own anything either. So yeah... a home loan is going to be pretty hard to obtain, so I'm hoping we can stay in the house after the remodel, pay off some debt and build our credit so we can get a house we really want. Sounds like a plan, yeah?

But, nothing is set in stone just yet - we're all just kind of shuffling about ideas.

My ideal home is a 6 bedroom mansion with a ballroom and dance studio .... with my birds and the feathers and stuff.
And an elephant...
And a vegetable garden...
And enough land to host my own just-for-fun festivals...
And pirate treasure hidden somewhere...

... and a monkey butler.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Two in One

Today is Mother's Day AND me and the husband's 6th wedding anniversary. What a neat day huh?

Before I get into what we did this weekend, here's a little tribute collage to our 6 years of dressing up and having fun.

So anywho - yesterday we went to two festivals. Yeah, the nice town's folks did it again. Planned two major events on the same day. Not cool. Not good for anyone. 

The first festival we went to was the second annual wine festival hosted by the Alzheimer Alliance something like that non-profit. It was lovely just like last year. The music was WAY better. Great arts and crafts and food. Not a single redneck in sight - just nice blend of old money, yuppies, art farters, quiet hippies and pseudo-hipsters. We didn't go into the wine garden since the $20 it would take to go in would buy us a giant box of deliciously mediocre wine or more food.

We got smoked boudin and my fave, crawfish and grits.  

We stopped by the next festival downtown - Railfest which um... kind of was not very good. Downtown hasn't been doing well with their events lately. I'm not sure what's going on with the city's event planners but I hope they find the help they need soon to make these events better. Maybe one day when I'm ready to re-join the workforce it'll be me? Oh, who am I to say I could do any better than them, though? I might make things worse with my crazy ideas of  gothic circuses and fairy festivals.
At this festival I came I across my crew promoting the faire in costume and selling a few awesome goodies. 

 And River got this great shirt to review from SoulFlower. Did I mention was added to their "Vibe Tribe" for 2016? I'll be writing for their blog a few times until it's time to recruit the new batch of "buds" for 2017. I'll post this month's SoulFlower post on my other blog where all the product pimping happens.

BOOYA! And since the husband is helping me with housework today I should actually have time to read your posts from the week! YAY! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

This and that ratatat

For the past couple weeks I've been kinda busy over at my other blog doing product reviews and gift guides for high-merch-selling holidays like Earth Day, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo and World Naked Gardening Day (yes that's real). So yeah, that's where I've been.
I've also been brushing up on my Swahili and I've read an entire King James bible in two days from cover to cover - backwards. Oh, and I bought a horse...
Ok, none of that's true but I've got to give you something interesting since all I have to offer in this post are a few Instagram pics and photos taken this month. So go grab a beer, sit back and enjoy this incredibly boring  wild ride of what you missed.

Last night I made pizza crust for the first time evar. It's made from self-rising flour and plain green  GREEK yogurt. 1.5 cups flour and 1 cup of Greek yogurt. Knead in flour and keep adding flour until tacky but not sticky. I doubled the recipe and made a big ol' pizza with tomatoes, black olives and prosciutto.

I have my first solo performance coming up for the 3rd annual Texarkana Pirates Ball. I'll be doing two Russian gypsy inspired dances. One to a traditional song, "Hai Ne Ne Ne" and a sassy fun number to "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello. I have it planned where my husband will pull a every long purple scarf from my bosom during a breakdown in a song. It's going to be hilarious. 


I'm supposed to be THE gypsy queen but I want to add a pirate edge to my outfit but I need to be able to dance in it as well. This is the first outfit I came up with but there's nothing queenly or piratey about the outfit. I've found something that will work better but I don't have any pics of that outfit yet.

Vest: From Turkish company on Etsy
Belt: Indian store in Dallas, tassel trim added by me
32 yard skirt: We 3 Belly Dance on eBay

Cedar's Granny made her another cute dress. The print on the bottom are kid's planting trees. When she first sent me a photo of what she was working on, I though they were cupids and was like... "Um... it's April, crazy lady..." 

I've always wanted Russian Nesting dolls and I found these on eBay for about $4. Yeah... kinda looks like someone either got a concussion while working or got seriously drunk while painting the other dolls. Look at those faces. That's messed up!

 Here's a rare vintage find from one of our local Salvation Army stores. It's stupid cute yarn art and I can't decide if I want it in my room or the kid's room!

 And this happened...

Here's Cedar's lehenga choli for this year's faire season. I ordered it too big so I can take it in and let it out hopefully for a few years. This outfit was crazy cheap on eBay at around $9.

River's garb is also from a company in India on eBay. It was about $8. There's a matching hat but there's no way it's going to fit over that fro.

Bonus: Here's a $3  cheongsam(?) I found for Cedar on eBay for about $4. It's pretty poor quality but I didn't really expect much for $4 from China. She's got about another year in it just as long as I don't wash it.... ever...

So that's it! Time to go blog-stalk you sexy mofos.
See ya soon!
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