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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Two in One

Today is Mother's Day AND me and the husband's 6th wedding anniversary. What a neat day huh?

Before I get into what we did this weekend, here's a little tribute collage to our 6 years of dressing up and having fun.

So anywho - yesterday we went to two festivals. Yeah, the nice town's folks did it again. Planned two major events on the same day. Not cool. Not good for anyone. 

The first festival we went to was the second annual wine festival hosted by the Alzheimer Alliance something like that non-profit. It was lovely just like last year. The music was WAY better. Great arts and crafts and food. Not a single redneck in sight - just nice blend of old money, yuppies, art farters, quiet hippies and pseudo-hipsters. We didn't go into the wine garden since the $20 it would take to go in would buy us a giant box of deliciously mediocre wine or more food.

We got smoked boudin and my fave, crawfish and grits.  

We stopped by the next festival downtown - Railfest which um... kind of was not very good. Downtown hasn't been doing well with their events lately. I'm not sure what's going on with the city's event planners but I hope they find the help they need soon to make these events better. Maybe one day when I'm ready to re-join the workforce it'll be me? Oh, who am I to say I could do any better than them, though? I might make things worse with my crazy ideas of  gothic circuses and fairy festivals.
At this festival I came I across my crew promoting the faire in costume and selling a few awesome goodies. 

 And River got this great shirt to review from SoulFlower. Did I mention was added to their "Vibe Tribe" for 2016? I'll be writing for their blog a few times until it's time to recruit the new batch of "buds" for 2017. I'll post this month's SoulFlower post on my other blog where all the product pimping happens.

BOOYA! And since the husband is helping me with housework today I should actually have time to read your posts from the week! YAY! 


  1. I must say I'm always impressed with your Edgar Allan Poe outfit.

    Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day!

    Help with the housework is a great present.


  2. Gorgeous wedding pics and I love the fan pics!!!! The food and wine look delish and SoulFlower could not have asked for a cuter little model <3

  3. Are you the cutest family ever??? Quite possibly YES!!!!

  4. Belated happy anniversary and Mother's Day! You and your hubs are just too cute:D And I find it so awesome that you're so supportive of ur town events. You should totally take over the planning for your downtown events!
    PS River's shirt is pretty awesome too:)

  5. Beautiful wedding picture! Happy anniversary to you both!

  6. the same thing happens here. Nothing for months then, bam, all on the same day. Spread it out, through out the year, for goodness sakes. I'm loving the Soul Flower purse, it's small, yet might.

  7. Your costumes always blow my mind, you've got a wild imagination!
    Happy Anniversary to you beautiful pair. xxx

  8. Happy Anniversary! Neat collage, love it. Looks like you had fun ast the festivals. The kiddos are so cute!


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