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Sunday, May 22, 2016

And some stuff and some things and that other stuff too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - we're house hunting.... kind of. I'll explain.
Since we discovered a few months ago that buying a trailer and living on the road would cost MORE than our current living situation - we've decided to just go ahead and find a house to settle in to. We're most desperate to get out of this blasted trailer park. Since my husband is no longer the manager, the park has gone downhill fast. Two trailers burned to the ground just a couple months ago from a meth lab fire.
When my husband was manager, he researched every single potential tenant on his own free time to make sure everyone coming into the park was a decent person. 
Decent people don't cook meth...
We gotta get outta here.

We're wanting to buy a house on no less than 2 acres (there's lots of land to be had here) and start a garden and my "fowl farm" that I've been dreaming of for years (little known fact about me). Yeah I want a farm with all kinds of ducks, chickens and peacocks and maybe even an emu or ostrich... why?
Have you seen how much ONE peacock or ostrich feather costs???  I'm gonna be rich from selling feathers! RICH I TELL YA!! What's the deal with feathers? Well if you're into renaissance faires or any kind of costume making or haberdashery then you'd know - you'd know....

▲▲Hold up, ya'll. ▲▲
Can we stop and take a look at the cork floors in this bathroom?
The pink is AWESOME but but cork floors in a bathroom??? EW.

Moving on - a friend of ours is wanting to remodel and sell his house that he kind of abandoned about four years ago. See, his wife got cancer and took a sudden turn for the worse and passed away here. So yeah, he had zero interest in staying here. He's remarried and would like to go ahead and sell the house but he's still not comfortable going into the home. 

His new wife has been trying to redo the house in her spare time while he's out of town but they're needing to do a bit more than just painting. So he're where we come in.

An idea has come up that we move in and take over the remodel in exchange for little to no rent.
The home owner would pay for materials and we continue to fix it up for him. This should be no problem at all.
My husband is quite the handyman. He's a diesel mechanic by trade but he can do carpentry, masonry, electric stuff, plumbing, everything... but remember to take out the trash every other day. Ahem... 

I'm not sure what the plan is after we finish the house since we really have no interest in living there permanently. We're wanting a more rural setting and this house is in the burbs and is entirely too close the the neighbors house.
I've always said - if you can open your kitchen window and ask the neighbor if you can borrow a cup a sugar, you're too dang close.
I grew up on a farm and my husband grew up on a peach orchard. We're used to having our space. 
Suburban life ain't for us.

Buuuuuut - our credit is awful. I'm up to my ears in medical bill debt and I own nothing except a car I paid off in my mother's name and my husband doesn't really own anything either. So yeah... a home loan is going to be pretty hard to obtain, so I'm hoping we can stay in the house after the remodel, pay off some debt and build our credit so we can get a house we really want. Sounds like a plan, yeah?

But, nothing is set in stone just yet - we're all just kind of shuffling about ideas.

My ideal home is a 6 bedroom mansion with a ballroom and dance studio .... with my birds and the feathers and stuff.
And an elephant...
And a vegetable garden...
And enough land to host my own just-for-fun festivals...
And pirate treasure hidden somewhere...

... and a monkey butler.


  1. LOL! Damn... I want in on the monkey butler. Let me know when you find one because my pug butler is one lazy ass bitch. (female dog).

    I hope this comes through for you and you get your farm in the sun one day. Not having rent or a mortgage to pay would really make a difference I'm sure.

    I too have dreamed about living on a farm on one of the Gulf Islands. I'd have a patch of land big enough to grow a year round garden, flowers and keep hens for my own eggs. I may be a Gen X Hippie.


  2. I'm ready to be a feather customer!
    With a big yard you may not see the little ones until they get hungry. I imagine they'll have lots of fun exploring and adventuring all day.

  3. I love a peacock but man, they are noisy little bastards. Have you heard them? They put a houseful of angry cats to shame.
    That sounds like a great plan. Gives you a chance to start saving and to hone your DIY skills. xxx

  4. That pink is wonderful but no, no, no to the cork!

  5. I like your dream house...I would like a monkey butler as well!
    But seriously, good luck, Hollie. That's a lot on your plate to think about. I think the idea of staying in this place for awhile while you get your bearings in order is a great idea. I know it's not the ideal place you and your husband have in mind, but in the meantime, it's a good place to stay temporarily, I think.

  6. Cork floors in the bathroom are a no for me as well. I like having loosey goosey life plans! I rly want to get a van or a camper or something so I can travel a bit, buuuuut I'm not sure how it's going to work out. Gotta put the ideas out there and see what works!

  7. I think the house would be great for the kids with their own yard. It may be temporary, bot worth it.

  8. Okay, I'm way behind because of our own house moving ordeal. So maybe you already have the monkey butler and peacocks on the lawn. If not, you've got to start with one step, and there's nothing wrong with a pink bathroom.


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