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Sunday, March 31, 2013

somebunny loves you

...and that bunny is me.
This bunny will stand pretty.

This bunny might have rabies.
This bunny is dropping pellets?
This bunny is feisty.
This bunny has been airbrushed to death.
This bunny kinda looks like Mona Lisa.
And this bunny is all dressed up with nowhere to go.
Outfit details
Bunny Ears & Socks: Just a $1 Store
Necklace: Won in a blog giveaway
Tank & Cardigan: Walmart
Petticoat: full-legnth turned tea length bridal petticoat that I wore for my wedding
Shoes: My wedding shoes from some  store in the mall.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Saturday

Today me and the husband and Baby River went to Shreveport, LA to visit some family for Easter Saturday. 
The drive there was fun and the weather was wonderfully "gloomy" with fluffy grey clouds and low rumbling thunder in the distance... believe it or not that's just how I like it. 
 I originally wanted to wear a flowing white springtime ensemble but thanks to my new grossly heavy post-birth monthly... white was completely out of the question. I am very disappointed with what I chose to wear. I feel it was boring and kind of lazy looking for the occasion  Oh, well. I've got another shot at coming up with something a bit more fashionable for Easter Sunday.
I'm wearing a thrifted dress with a hand-me-down top over it just in case you were wondering what this blah ensemble consisted of.
Yes, I'v'e got a gin and juice in my hand there. Very tasty.

So, yesterday I got super glue in my hair. Yup.
I was trying on a steampunk hair clip I made and failed realize that the glue was not yet dry. When I removed the clip, it tugged at my hair a bit so I thought my hair had gotten caught in a gear or something. Lo and behold the barrette left behind a nice trail of super glue. So to cover it up, I just pinned my hair up and added some pretty fabric flowers. 
I'm not sure of how I'm going to get the glue out but I'm pretty sure it's going to involve scissors.


The hostess' home is full of all sorts of wonderful antique doo-dads and pretty things. Many of you would have lost your minds googling over her beautiful vintage findings and heirlooms.
 For some unknown reason, I found myself a bit restless at this shindig so I walked around and snapped some photos of whatever caught my eye. 
There were sugary nom noms to enjoy...
... and a little egg hunt for the wee ones.
 Caleb's cousin Sarah revealed the gender of her baby to the family with this cute little cake. In case you can't tell by the pink border and pink cake: she's having a girl.
And last but not least, our first family photo since the day River was born! A little past due, huh?
River's the best at making pucker lips in photos. It's so hard to capture his wonderful smile.
My two favorite dudes.
See? Pucker lips.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wacky Fashion Wednesday

It's that time again! Ungh yeah! 
In case you're new to this craziness, WFW is where I recreate terrible runway fashions made entirely from items found in my home.
Today's runway look is:

"on again, off again"
She says: "I like this blazer but it' a little too warm for layers. Oh well, I only halfway like this jacket anyway."
PUNS! Lemme whip out my Pun Gun! PEW PEW PEW!
Local party supply store, husband uses it for steampunk costumes
LA Colors brand eyeshadow pencil in shade Popcicle
Old Navy (old)
Vintage black velvet blazer:
Who's got time put on the whole jacket? 
Not me!
Would you believe me if I told you that this is really how my hair looks naturally? Yup, this is what my hair looks like free of products and heat styling. 
Welcome to the frizzy wizzy world of me.
If I invited you to join me on Wacky Fashion Wednesday, would you do it? Better yet, would you wear your WFW look in public? I don't think I could. Well, maybe if there were a few others with me. Ah yes, all of us- banding together in a freaky gang of unfashionable deviants.
Next week, I'm going to try to go for something a little more challenging. I'm hoping I'll find something that involves food. I like wearing food. Screw Lady Gaga. That meat dress was totally MY idea! I would totally wear a dress made of meat- but not just for fashion, mind you... for function and practicality. Put me on the grill baby and watch me sizzle! Fashion BBQ? Delicious.
Now I'm off to start dinner- I'm thinking pasta. Oh! Maybe I'll wear my leftovers to the theater tonight? Well see.
What monstrosity of a catwalk design will I recreate next week? Stay tuned to see!
Check out last week's Wacky Fashion Wednesday: "disco ball glitter lips"
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

special goods with an itty bitty rant

Ok. Here's my rant. Ready? Here goes- I'll keep it brief.
A buyer left me negative feedback on Etsy. Ok, so what's the big deal?
I've been buying and selling on Etsy for over five years now and I have 100% positive feedback rating. 
A buyer RUINED my rating because she was impatient about getting her package!! I'm so steamed about this!! Ugh, I could go on about how frustrating this is forever but that's not going to fix the issue so I'm going to move on  and show you folks what awesome online deals I've scored lately.
I've been wanting a piece of jewelry featuring a creature in resin forever. I finally took the time to search on Etsy and found a shop (UrbanRiot) selling these crazy yellow desert scorpion necklaces for $1.50 each! YAY!! I'm going to glam it up by putting it on a pretty beaded necklace or something like that. I can't wait to get it in.
Now I've got my eye on this beauty!
I'm gross, I know.
Real spider necklace
And these. Can you guess what these are?
I'll give you a hint:
HAHAHA! It's true! They're Indonesian ear weights!!
Lemme explain - my ears are only stretched to 0ga but I would like to go up to half an inch. (That's really not  as big as you think). I've been trying to stretch my lobes to go up to 00ga but it hurts like hell and I don't want to tear my lobes off and have them flapping in the wind behind me like an old hound dog. So I'm going to slowly stretch my lobes by using this ancient and primitive method.
Trust me, I'll stop before I start to look like... that. 
Anywho, I found these ear weights on Ebay for $17! Just a few minutes before I bought them I was looking at a similar pair on a different site $66. It's a no-brainer which pair to buy right?
photo taken a few months back.  See, my lobes aren't freaky, are they?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

you get pretty eggs when you turn 88

Now that the office/baby room is finally complete I have a new place to snap some pics!
I'll share more photos of how this room turned out later. I'm so proud!
Yesterday me and the husband went to Tyler, TX to join my family in celebrating my grandaddy's 88th birthday. I didn't know he was that old! That just goes to show how awesome he is.
I wanted to dress festively but comfortably (and warm for the occasion) because Tyler is two and a half hours away. I dressed for travel.
I'm enjoying my new office so much! No more tiny bits of metal from my jewelry making stuck in the living room carpet. No more beads and charms lost in the couch. Hooray! You're probably wondering why I would want to do such crafts in a nursery. Well River is only two months old right now and won't be getting into anything hazardous anytime soon. But when he gets to that creepy crawly stage, I'll probably just move my operation into the kitchen and let him have the room to himself.
Sweater: thrifted recently for $2
skirt: Target
undershirt and boots: hand-me-downs
At his birthday party, grandaddy got to hold his great-grandson for the first time. He was so tickled that he got a smile out of him. Aren't they cute together?
River being held by his step great-grandmother for the first time
What cake can hold 88 candles??
Grandaddy and baby River
My sister holding the world's smallest and useless salt and pepper shaker set ever made.
Me, of course.
Granddady and River again
My mom and River
The gorgeous deviled eggs I made for the party
How to make pretty deviled eggs!
I saw a photo of pastel deviled eggs on Pinterest and figured I'd give it a shot. There were no instructions on how to make them so I just took a wild guess. 
I'm terrible at DIY instructions by the way...
Prepare your deviled eggs like you normally do but soak the whites in a mixture of food coloring and water for about ten minutes. I think I used about 8-10 drops of food coloring in each glass.
Instead of just adding mayo to the yolks to make the filling I add all sorts of awesomeness: Miracle Whip, pickle relish, a little yellow mustard and precooked bacon bits (at the request of my mom and husband).
Tip: you don't need an icing bag to fill the eggs, just put your filling in a ziploc bag, cut the tip off the bottom corner and squeeeeeeze.
Top your eggs with a sprinkle of paprika and there ya go!
Pretty eggs!
Have a great week party people!
I'm going shark hunting with Morgan Freeman in the arctic tundra now. Peace!

Friday, March 22, 2013

bump in the night

It's raining, it's pouring
I'm terrified of night storms.
Yes it's true. I am horribly afraid of storms that occur at night. I'm not sure why. I've always been that way. Storms during the day? No problem, who cares, let's go out for steak. Storms at night? I'm shaking in my boots. It's 2am right now and a storm just blew in- I am not happy about this at all. 
Fun fact: about me: Once upon a time when a storm came in the middle of the night, I would get in bed with my parents.... aaaaand I didn't stop doing that until I was a freshman in college. No lie. Stop laughing! I bet you have strange phobias too.
Ok, well to distract me from this storm (and the fact that my baby is wide awake at 2am) I'm going to share some pics from this week.
What we wore:
Two months after birth my tummy is still pretty saggy so I wore a a maternity dress and leggings so I can go run errands and go see my dad on his birthday - girdle free. I'm diggin' comfort these days.
Little River's finally getting a chance to strut his fashionable stuff now that he's big enough to fit into more clothes.
What I bought:
I scored two like-new vintage curtain panels from a thrift store for $2. I didn't even look at the size. I snatched them up like a wild hyena- ready to destroy anyone who even so much as looked at them. Mine!
I was really hoping they would be big enough to replace our atrocious curtains in the kitchen (old curtains nailed up) but they were waaaay too small. Sad face! I have no where for them to go! 
There are NO USED BOOK STORES IN THIS TOWN. I used to score my books at the Salvation Army but they moved to a new location and somehow "lost" all of their books in the process. WTF??? But the thrift store I got my curtains from finally marked their books down to a luscious 50 cents each. I would have gotten more books but they were closing up for the day when I got there.
 I got this crazy neon scarf for $1. It's too bright for me for everyday wear- I don't do neon. I got it for my fairy costume. In case you haven't heard, I'm going to be a fairy at my Ren Faire in October. Last year it got pretty cold so I'm getting prepared with some colorful winter accessories.
What I've Crafted:
I've been working on getting my office together and I need organization badly. So I've been revamping diaper boxes by covering them with fabric and wrapping paper. This one is my favorite. It's the much needed Ramsey Family Keepsake box. I even printed off the family crest and pasted it to the box to make it "official".
I found this quilt top in a bag full of fabric a friend gave me a couple of years ago. I never new it was complete! I thought it was just a little bit of patchwork someone started and abandoned. I picked it up and unfolded it for the first time and lo and behold! It's full sized!
So I made curtains for the office. Hee hee! I'm so naughty!
What I've been doing:
Went to Marshall to see my Dad on his 63rd birthday.
Um, this was taken by my sister... I didn't know she was taking a picture. Look at my face! HEH!!
I've been working on the office/baby room again. It's has been a storage room off and on for too long for my taste. Every time I clean it out and start to get it truly organized a certain HUSBAND keeps bringing in more junk! Leave my office alone!
This is what it looked like last year!! YUCK! 
Here's a post about my cleaning adventures so you can see the evolution of this poor, poor room.
And this is what it looks like now. Geez! Still  awful!
So I've been going through boxes of buttons and jewelry making stuff and making sure everything has a place... a place for everything! That's how I like it.
Sequins in crystal glasses? Yes.
It's still a work in progress! I can't wait to share with you what it's going to look like when I'm finally done!!
 Lovely sign handmade by a good friend's mom.
Needlework banner made by River's Granny.
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