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Monday, March 11, 2013

Rasputin wears a dress

Yes, I'll explain later.
Today I got distracted from cleaning my bedroom when I spied some vintage dresses in my closet that I haven't worn in ages (er, well since my tremendous weight gain). I used to buy vintage dresses whether they fit or not because I knew I was the only person who would give them a loving home. If the dress didn't fit, I sold it on Etsy or gave it someone I knew would appreciate it. 
A couple of years ago all of the thrift stores here decided to go "upscale" and they got rid of anything out of the norm so that means bye-bye vintage. No one in this town gives a rat's butt about vintage clothing. To them it's trash and that's exactly where it will go because it's "old.". I wanna cry just thinking about how wasteful that is.
 The lavender dress isn't even zipped in the back. My ample bosom just won't allow it.
 This 80s sailor dress actually came from a pile of clothing one of my husband's tenants left behind when she moved out of her trailer. There were all sorts of awesome goodies in that pile but this is one of the only items that fit.
 This dress isn't zipped all the way in the back either! HAHA! I've never worn this dress because the material is awkwardly heavy. I love the style and full skirt so I'm going to hang on to it for a little while longer.
There are plenty of other gowns in my stash but there's no way I'd be able to get them on!
Saturday was River's belated baby shower. It was hosted by a lovely lady at church. River got some pretty wonderful gifts. I hate baby showers but this one was quite all right. No silly games, good food and friendly people. I can live with that! 
The hostess' husband is a beer brewer and has converted a refrigerator into his own tap system. How nifty!
Speaking of beer, here's a beer I am totally in love with right now. It's called Old Rasputin. It's dark, bold and tastes of coffee. Such a delicious beer with such a disgusting namesake. Rasputin was a gross dude folks.
 So, I  found these lovely eyeshadow pencils at the Just a $1 store the other day. I bought them to experiment with for my fairy costume. They sucked. They're waaaay too greasy so the color fades off completely within minutes. Oh, well. They were only $1 a piece. They might have sucked as eyesahdow, but they work wonderfully for war paint!
I'm actually considering doing this for my fairy face.
I posted a photo of myself in my "war paint" on Facebook and a :ahem: family member commented "That's not a good look for you" and I responded back, "You don't know me very well."
I discovered today that she deleted her snooty comment.
Don't get uppity with me. I'll stomp on your spleen! I'll do whatever I want, however I want.
Daddy  & Baby


  1. The lavender dress is rather lovely :)
    I must confess, I have a real fascination with Rasputin, he intrigues me a great deal.
    I love the last picture, River looks so wise xxx

  2. I love your vintage dresses!! So pretty. And that war paint is fun haha love it. Cute baby and daddy pic :)

  3. Damn right you'll do whatever you want! It looks awsome. All the dresses had they fit would look stunning on you! I've got a few like that in the attic waiting for weight loss. Mmmm dark beer, also sounds good...

  4. i saw that haha! not that i'm creeping on your page.. but.. ok i was. anyway, that black dress freakin rocks dude!

  5. Too much cuteness in this post!
    I had one of those sailor dresses from the 80's, mine was actually a top and a wide pair of shorts that I used to wear with my cowboys boots! Auch!!!
    Its too bad that people around your area are so wasteful and that they don't realize the beauty of an old garment.
    Baby River and dad look adorable.

  6. That lavender dress is stunning on you, whether it fits or not! I like the look of that Stout, I shouldn't as it's before 8am.
    Our town's exactly the same. Luckily they still put the donations out, just for an insanely cheap price. I even got a call form the local church yesterday saying they'd had an "old fashioned" set of furniture donated and I was the only person they knew who'd be interested. x

  7. Wow! I love that lavender dress. Absolutely stunning!

  8. Dont give away any of those vintage dresses! you look so pretty in them! maybe they will fit when your boobies go down some lol.
    You make me wish I liked beer when you post different beers you like. I hate beer.. I have not tasted many, but it tastes like pennys to me.
    I'm like fruity tastes lol.
    Happy your shower turned out nicely :)
    ps: you're a nut for that war paint hahaha.

    Miya from


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