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Friday, March 1, 2013

sticky buns

My camera died last week and refused to charge for some strange reason. It spontaneously started to charge a few days ago so hip hip hooray.
I'm not a t-shirt person. I only wear them around the house, but since I'm only going to the wonderful wolrd of Walmart today, I figured I'll just keep it simple. In case you're wondering the tee says "I'm going to a special hell with Daniel GreenWolf."   Daniel Greenwolf is a VERY talented magician I hired for my Ren faire. He drove all the way to our three day faire in Texarkana, AR from Connecticut and was such a joy to work with. 
 By the way the shirt is in reference to an inappropriate joke he tells during his act that you can't help but laugh at. All in good fun folks.
I was trying my hand at a high bun-like hairdo today but um... it didn't look quite like I expected. My hair is too short I guess so it came out more samurai-in-training and less I-saw-this-on-Pinterest- and-it-worked kinda look.
I've been cleaning out our home hardcore style. This is something I've been wanting to so since I got pregnant but my energy and endurance was so low, I couldn't even finish cleaning out a drawer without needing a nap afterwards. I filled bags and bags full of trash and stuff to give away. Every closet, drawer, nook and corner got cleaned out- and I did it all by myself in THREE days!!
Now my house is so clean I'm afraid to do anything because I don't wanna mess it up. I just want to sit on the couch and look at how sparkly and organized everything is.
Yes. That is what you think it is. His and Her's tap shoes. I dug them out while cleaning up yesterday. I love to tap but all of my tap shoes are at my mother's house a few towns over (in the dreaded garage). I've always wanted to teach my husband a little bit of tap and I knew it was more than a sign when I found a pair of barely used male and female tap shoes in OUR sizes at Salvation Army for $15! Best. Buy. Ever.

I only had the chance to give my husband one tap lesson in the kitchen of our old apartment and we totally destroyed the floor so we had to call it quits.  Now our home is totally carpeted. My husband had plans to build me a little wooden area to tap on but I lost all interest when I got pregnant so that project just got pushed aside.
Lookee who's a month old now!
Trailer park bohemian dinner?


  1. You are adorable. Even with Sumarai hair. :)

    AND SO IS YOUR SON OMG I COULD EAT HIS CHEEKS. He looks like you so much!

  2. The tap shoes are telling you something - you need to do a duo act. And as soon as that gorgeous baby can walk, you gotta get him some tap shoes, too!

  3. Your trailer park bohemian dinner, is funny and filling!
    You started spring cleaning early. I love how your room is like your shrine!
    Happy 5 weeks to baby boy.

  4. You are awesome and I love you peeps muchly!


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