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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ants in my pants

Before I begin this post allow me to take a moment to apologize... for my internet:
Read or skip, either way is fine.
I use Google Chrome, ok? Ok. Every since I got my laptop back from repairs a few months ago, when I leave a comment on a blog post, nothing happens. I type the comment, hit 'submit' but no comment gets submitted.
So now when I read blogs I use Internet Explorer but the problem is, when I click on a blog I get a "page cannot be displayed" page. I have to refresh the blog post at least twice before anything comes up and at the "high speed" of Internet Explorer we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for a blog to load.
I CAN leave comments with Internet Explorer, however when I hit 'submit' I get the same error page and I have to keep reloading the page over and over before the comment is submitted.
So if you see a comment from me on your blog be aware that I went through great lengths to tell you I think your dress is pretty.... because I like you.
 Now, behold. ME IN PANTS!! Yes pants!
Me and pants have never gotten along. All my life my thighs have been very large and my bottom rather flat so finding pants that fit my awkward figure has always been a hassle. A couple years ago I just said 'to heck with it' and stopped looking. Now it's all skirts and dresses for me and I love it. I love the freedom and I love the breeze between my knees.... but I hate shaving. That's why I wear leggings or tall boots when I go out. Gotta conceal my deadly werewolf gams. 
So a couple weeks ago whilst browsing my favorite clothing site I came across these colorful elastic waist drawstring pants and found myself strangely attracted to them. I took a $6 risk and I'm glad I did. I loooove these pants!
(I'm not being paid to pimp this site - I'm just sharing.)
Entire outfit under $30
Vest and pants:
Tank: Old Navy clearance
Shoes: Walmart Clearance
Necklace: Ebay, from India. The price was low and the quality is high.It came with matching earrings but I  need to convert them to hoops so I can wear them in my metal ear hole thingies.
((135 days of pregnancy left))
 After strutting about in my trousers and stunning new jewelry, I tried my hand at making Posole for dinner: a Mexican soup I saw on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Minus the jalapenos, ground pork instead of chunks and chicken broth instead of beef broth, it came out amazing and paired well with some bean burritos. 
 Later that evening before bath time I let River color the tub with washable non-toxic markers. He had a blast. The water came from a rubber duck he invited into the tub so we ended up making some pretty cool watercolor tub art.

 When he was done I just sprayed the ink down the drain. Easy, peasy artsy fun.
Ok folks, I'm off to go sign some autographs for the hundreds of adoring fans waiting outside my window... and by sign some autographs I mean vacuum the living room. Bye.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

wildflower trails

Yesterday afternoon me and my mom (pictured below) went to the tiny town of Linden, TX for the region's annual Wildflower Trails Festival. The festival is held simultaneously in a cluster of small towns in the area.
  I wanted to go, not just to get me and River out of the house, but to find some vendors for my faire. I never pass up an opportunity to find vendors.The festival in Linden was pretty lame and I only made two connections so we shuffled over to the next town of Hughes Springs.
 Hughes Spring's festival was significantly better than Linden. Way more vendors to schmooze with, a wider variety of oily flatulence inducing carnival food and rides and games.
It was only about 85F/29C but the sun was super intense. Luckily River has learned how to adjust the hood on his stroller so it completely hides him from the sun. Smart kid.

 And speaking of cute. This dolled up little pot bellied piglet was definitely and eye-catcher. Here, it's not uncommon for people to have pigs as house pets but I've never seen one dressed up, out and about in a tutu and matching bow. 
 And of course I can't pass up a chance to eat funnel cake.
BUT.... it was excessively oily but I ate it anyway and even share some with my little dude...
Big mistake.

When we got home, poor River vomited, sick from the funnel cake and then I got sick from eating cotton candy for the first time in years - and on an empty stomach. 
The old digestive system just ain't what it used to be.
So, how's your weekend going?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend and stuff

Good Friday/My 29th birthday
Went out for sushi with my husband, River, sister-in-law and a family friend and his kiddos.
 These Kuchi earrings I ordered from Tribal Bazaar came in waaaay earlier than expected. 
They were my birthday gift to me and they came right in time.
Easter Sunday
Family gathering in Shreveport, LA.

 I wore this awesome $2 spider bracelet for the first time. I got it from eBay ages ago and completely forgot about it.
 River's first Easter egg hunt.
  Every time we go to Shreveport, we always stop at a dusty old rural gas station that sells these amazing crawfish hand pies.

Easter Sunday
Church and a visit to my mom and step-dad's house in Atlanta, TX.

 (((((River photo bomb))))
Striped and polkadotted Easter belly.
The end.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Why, yes I am. Thanks for asking! Well, actually we already went.
Saturday me and family went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival  in Waxahachie, TX (3 hour drive). Even though I'm the director or our town's renaissance faire this is only my second renaissance faire to attend (besides my own). The trip was mostly for pleasure but a little of our time was for networking, hobnobbing and handing out my card to any merchants that might be interested in selling at my faire in October.
Since the weather was expected to be pretty warm and my baby belly is getting too round for my gowns, I decided to go in a comfy gypsy outfit that I whipped together from stuff in my "miscellaneous costume pieces" bag. The cotton chemise and green overskirt are both from Etsy and the purple silk sari skirt is from eBay.
And in this photo of me eating a strawberries and cream crepe - I'm realizing I'm not wearing a lick of jewelry. We changed into our garb in the parking lot and I forgot to put on my jewelry. I felt so naked without my dripping gypsy accessories that I almost ran the quarter of a mile back to the car to get it. But alas... I don't run...
At the faire, we stopped three time so I could eat. My appetite was outrageous! I guess I was burning some serious calories with all that walking.
It's been almost 8 months since River last wore his adorable little nobleman's costume and it still fits with plenty room to spare. I'm hoping we can get another year out of it.
Enough of my chitter chatter. Enjoy these pics.
  Gorgeous belly dancers.
 Husband and River.
Lane entertainer, Widdershins
  The prettiest henna artists I've ever seen.
 Caleb and River watching lane entertainer Hands on Dulcimer
 There were very many interesting outfits there including a girl in her quinceaƱera gown and this steampunk couple. 
 One of Scarborough's most popular acts, Don Juan and Miguel. 
 Moor of Dundee singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to River.
I'm not sure who this flamboyant gentleman is on the left, but the big warrior on the right is Sholo the Nubian.  He stands at the gate and doesn't move a muscle. He's pretty intimidating.
  Stage act, Queen Anne's Lace.
My husband laughing with relief when this Scotsman leaned in to kiss him but air-kissed his cheek instead.
Sweet relief! Stripped out of my sweaty layers and into clothes that you will ONLY see me wear around the house.
Of course on the way home I got SUPER hungry again so we stopped for some always delicious IHOP (International House of Pancakes).... so um, yeah... I wore my house clothes in public. Woops! Oh well. 
And as you can see, River was done for the day.
So that was my Saturday! How was yours??

Thursday, April 10, 2014

but it's not a lot...

Wow it's been seven whole days since my last blog post. I usually read the blogs I'm following after I make a post, but since I haven't posted in a week that means I've missed 95 of your posts. 95?? Sheesh. What could you people possibly be up to out there?!?! 
So what have I been up to? Well, I cleaned my bathroom for the first time since Halloween. No lie. Now it's all pretty and sparkly and smelling oh-so nice. I have no idea how I let that much time pass between cleanings. 
The photo coming up is pretty irrelevant to anything I'm going to talk about - I just want to share with you this poster I have above the toilet. Isn't it fitting?? Flush art?
 Naruto Whirlpool by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1853
I've been doing tons of faire work daily and this requires me to be in front of my laptop for hoooours as day. Often times I find myself getting a too riled up realizing all the things that need to be handled between now and October. I know that seems like a decent enough time to plan a renaissance faire but I've got a baby coming this summer so I've got to get as much done as possible. 
Sometimes I just need to step away and take a little breaky-poo.
Strolling around clearance shopping and shopping for 99 cent jewelry on Ebay has become my favorite things to do during a break. The other day at K-Mart I found these nail polishes super duper marked down for 78 cents each. The lime green rocks my world AND it's long lasting. I've gone since Sunday with barely a chiparoo.
I got this great necklace and and owl ring for 99 cents each on eBay. There's more jewelry to show but it didn't come in until after I started this post. 

Yesterday at Salvation Army I got this great handmade kid's blanket for River. It looks so fresh and new - I don't think it's ever been used.

 I got  two pairs of suspenders to add to the husband's man-ccessories collection. Now that he's starting to care a little bit more about fashion I can finally buy him the things I would wear if I were a dude.
 And lastly I got this great Southwestern themed cotton handkerchief... that I accidentally ripped after hastily tearing the price tag off to get this photo. Boo!
Well, the number of unread blog posts is now up to 102 on Bloglovin' and I gotta get back to work...
So I'm going to go away now.... ADIOS!!
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