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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am a such a cheapskate when it comes to shopping. I bought this cute yellow wallet last year at Salvation Army for a couple bucks after carrying my last one until it disintegrated. Well, as you can see I did the same with this wallet. It wasn't until I was constantly finding my cards and driver's license on the ground and in the bottom on my purse that I realized: ugh, it's time for a new wallet.
While running errands yesterday I decided to stop by Salvation Army to seek out a new wallet. Honesty three dollars is actually more than I wanted to pay for this plain black wallet but it was the only one there that didn't look like it had been run over by a car.
So, of course if you're in a thrift store in search for just one thing, that doesn't mean you're going to walk out with just one thing...
I got this super cute heart print table cloth(?) crib sheet(?) Whatever it is, the edges are finished and the  possibilities for uses for this thing are endless. 
And duh, I got some books. I can't remember the last time I paid more than two bucks for a book. Eh, probably never.
I got this great purse for three dollars. It's pretty big - it'll be good for smuggling booze into the theater. I could probably even fit couple bottles of wine in there with room to spare for two glasses and a Subway foot-long and chips.
Later that evening me and the family went to a friend's house for burgers. They have two kiddos;  one's a little younger than River and the other a little older so he had a blast playing with them. Poor thing doesn't get to to interact with other children since the majority of our friends with children have moved faaaaaaar away or got eaten by dragons.
Their little boy was super fascinated with River's hair and stroked it and patted it every chance he got.
Ok, party people. I'm off to rob some banks... and by rob some banks I mean clean the bathrooms for the first time since Halloween. See ya later!!


  1. Ah, wallets/purses take SUCH a battering! Hurrah for thrift stores!
    "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is a bloody good read. The movie is good too, but more focused on a story from the book, than the book itself. XXX

  2. You're funny. And cute. Aren't thrift-stores wonderful?! Full of treasures, just waiting to be discovered. Like you, I go in for one thing and walk out with a statue of a squirrel. :-)

    BTW, the magical pink boxing gloves are making the rounds. They're in Oregon now, will head to California next, then detour to Louisiana and... head to Texas! You're fourth in line. You may have them as early as next week. Start planning!

  3. I swear those pregnancy hormones are making you funnier! Rob some banks! HA! Love the purse.

  4. Treasure. Treasure!! Why are wallets so eager to let our money go? It's hard enough getting that cash in there in the first place - the audacity of the wallet. The new one looks good. Let's hope it bulges with cash after you clean the bathroom. You look awesome! Love the fierceness. And River just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  5. I like the heart pent whatever it is! And I too would be patting River's hair any chance I got.

  6. I like the big purse too. I bought a big purse at the thrift shop and used it to put my smaller purse in and lots of snacks and large waters to the theater as well. You look really cute in that outfit!

  7. I'm with Helga, Midnight In the Garden Of Good And Evil is a great read! That big purse is great and any bag large enough for smuggling booze into gets the thumbs up from me.
    The photos of River and his little friend are too cute, my brother used to have a thing about Afros and was forever getting into trouble at nursery for stroking his clasmates' hair! x

  8. Ahhhhhhh smuggling wine into the cinema! actually if I take the kids I smuggle everything, drinks sweets, popcorn and all to be done as shiftily as possible - great new wallet too, and good luck cleaning the bathrooms x x x

  9. Aww that pic of River & his play mates made my heart melt. I'd like a stroke of his gorgeous hair too. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only cheapskate around. Although being a cheapskate means I tend to buy quantity over quality. Xx

  10. Hee hee that's so cute the little guy feeling River's hair. My brother-in-law would charge 50c for people to touch his 'fro in the early 70s at school! Lol. There weren't too many actual people of african descent in the bottom of the South island back then!
    So cool we're having blog twins! Hope you're feeling good. You're looking great! x

  11. So cute to see the little kids play! I do love a big liquor sneaking-bag!

  12. I really hate it when dragons eat my friends. I also hate being FORCED to buy a wallet that I'm not ready to buy. Why can't people put decent-quality wallets in the op shops so we can buy them for two bucks - jeeeeez! Yep, when we're on a mission to buy a certain thing, of course it's never there, or not something we love, but then we find the awesome other stuff!! xoxoxoxo

  13. Describing the size of a purse by naming what things you can smuggle into the theatre in it? i like your way of thinking!! :D

  14. You look cute in that striped dress! I'm a total thrifting cheapskate too.

  15. I love big wallets but I end up abandoning them as they can't fit into some of my more diminute purses.
    I am going to repeat myself but I'll say it again- that hearts fabric would make a wonderful dress LOL


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