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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ants in my pants

Before I begin this post allow me to take a moment to apologize... for my internet:
Read or skip, either way is fine.
I use Google Chrome, ok? Ok. Every since I got my laptop back from repairs a few months ago, when I leave a comment on a blog post, nothing happens. I type the comment, hit 'submit' but no comment gets submitted.
So now when I read blogs I use Internet Explorer but the problem is, when I click on a blog I get a "page cannot be displayed" page. I have to refresh the blog post at least twice before anything comes up and at the "high speed" of Internet Explorer we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for a blog to load.
I CAN leave comments with Internet Explorer, however when I hit 'submit' I get the same error page and I have to keep reloading the page over and over before the comment is submitted.
So if you see a comment from me on your blog be aware that I went through great lengths to tell you I think your dress is pretty.... because I like you.
 Now, behold. ME IN PANTS!! Yes pants!
Me and pants have never gotten along. All my life my thighs have been very large and my bottom rather flat so finding pants that fit my awkward figure has always been a hassle. A couple years ago I just said 'to heck with it' and stopped looking. Now it's all skirts and dresses for me and I love it. I love the freedom and I love the breeze between my knees.... but I hate shaving. That's why I wear leggings or tall boots when I go out. Gotta conceal my deadly werewolf gams. 
So a couple weeks ago whilst browsing my favorite clothing site I came across these colorful elastic waist drawstring pants and found myself strangely attracted to them. I took a $6 risk and I'm glad I did. I loooove these pants!
(I'm not being paid to pimp this site - I'm just sharing.)
Entire outfit under $30
Vest and pants:
Tank: Old Navy clearance
Shoes: Walmart Clearance
Necklace: Ebay, from India. The price was low and the quality is high.It came with matching earrings but I  need to convert them to hoops so I can wear them in my metal ear hole thingies.
((135 days of pregnancy left))
 After strutting about in my trousers and stunning new jewelry, I tried my hand at making Posole for dinner: a Mexican soup I saw on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Minus the jalapenos, ground pork instead of chunks and chicken broth instead of beef broth, it came out amazing and paired well with some bean burritos. 
 Later that evening before bath time I let River color the tub with washable non-toxic markers. He had a blast. The water came from a rubber duck he invited into the tub so we ended up making some pretty cool watercolor tub art.

 When he was done I just sprayed the ink down the drain. Easy, peasy artsy fun.
Ok folks, I'm off to go sign some autographs for the hundreds of adoring fans waiting outside my window... and by sign some autographs I mean vacuum the living room. Bye.


  1. Look at that cute bump! Your pants are fabulous. Love them with the stripes!

  2. You look cute and colorful what pretty jewelry! Your posole looks delish!! River a cutie as usual ;-)

  3. Nice pants! Colorful and cute. I had that same commenting problem but in reverse. I hope people appreciate how hard we work!

  4. Those pants really are great. Comments mean a lot from me lately too 'cause I read blogs on my phone now so it takes longer and is more difficult to leave comments, therefore, I usually don't.

  5. Who knew you could colour in the bathtub! Fab idea! How yummy is River in that nappy. Nom nom. You're looking good in those pants. I haven't worn pants for SO long either. It's kind of weird seeing yourself in them after donning frocks all the time. Xx

  6. Love the outfit with the colourful pants, very cute! :)

  7. Cute pant action! You look great. Such a good idea to let River colour the tub. Looks like he had a grand old time.

  8. Loving those pants and want to steal your jewellery! What a great idea to let River play in the bath - I should stick Jon in ours - he'd make lots less mess! x

  9. Great pantas, and fun you. So good that you pass the fun to your chil, yeahhhhhhhhh

  10. nice jewelry. I don't have many issues with firefox.

  11. Every time you leave a comment on my blog, I'm going to kneel and thank the heavens that you had the patience to get through! And I'm honored that you continue to leave comments - thank you!!!

    I love those pants, and all the bright colors! And you're a genius letting River color the bathtub. You can tell he loves it. The next Picasso, maybe?

  12. River paints better than my husband - your pants are gorgeous, I don't really wear pants because of my awkward body shape, I got sick of hoisting them up and now I have to shave my legs (I have more leg hair than my older brother, whats that about) your jewelry is fab and you are bee-yoo-tiful!! x x x

  13. Okay, I seriously am obsessed with those pants and jewelry! You are the cutest, gah! :)


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