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Sunday, April 13, 2014

are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Why, yes I am. Thanks for asking! Well, actually we already went.
Saturday me and family went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival  in Waxahachie, TX (3 hour drive). Even though I'm the director or our town's renaissance faire this is only my second renaissance faire to attend (besides my own). The trip was mostly for pleasure but a little of our time was for networking, hobnobbing and handing out my card to any merchants that might be interested in selling at my faire in October.
Since the weather was expected to be pretty warm and my baby belly is getting too round for my gowns, I decided to go in a comfy gypsy outfit that I whipped together from stuff in my "miscellaneous costume pieces" bag. The cotton chemise and green overskirt are both from Etsy and the purple silk sari skirt is from eBay.
And in this photo of me eating a strawberries and cream crepe - I'm realizing I'm not wearing a lick of jewelry. We changed into our garb in the parking lot and I forgot to put on my jewelry. I felt so naked without my dripping gypsy accessories that I almost ran the quarter of a mile back to the car to get it. But alas... I don't run...
At the faire, we stopped three time so I could eat. My appetite was outrageous! I guess I was burning some serious calories with all that walking.
It's been almost 8 months since River last wore his adorable little nobleman's costume and it still fits with plenty room to spare. I'm hoping we can get another year out of it.
Enough of my chitter chatter. Enjoy these pics.
  Gorgeous belly dancers.
 Husband and River.
Lane entertainer, Widdershins
  The prettiest henna artists I've ever seen.
 Caleb and River watching lane entertainer Hands on Dulcimer
 There were very many interesting outfits there including a girl in her quinceaƱera gown and this steampunk couple. 
 One of Scarborough's most popular acts, Don Juan and Miguel. 
 Moor of Dundee singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to River.
I'm not sure who this flamboyant gentleman is on the left, but the big warrior on the right is Sholo the Nubian.  He stands at the gate and doesn't move a muscle. He's pretty intimidating.
  Stage act, Queen Anne's Lace.
My husband laughing with relief when this Scotsman leaned in to kiss him but air-kissed his cheek instead.
Sweet relief! Stripped out of my sweaty layers and into clothes that you will ONLY see me wear around the house.
Of course on the way home I got SUPER hungry again so we stopped for some always delicious IHOP (International House of Pancakes).... so um, yeah... I wore my house clothes in public. Woops! Oh well. 
And as you can see, River was done for the day.
So that was my Saturday! How was yours??


  1. Looks like a fun day! I love all those colorful costumes. River is getting so big - OMG! He'll be saying all kinds of things soon, in a fake Renaissance voice, m'lady.

  2. These were enjoyable photos of your adorable family at the Ren Faire! River looks so cute in his Noble mans costume it ;-)

  3. Your gypsy outfit is gorgeous, you looked incredible as did your man and River. What amazing costumes, my camera wouldn't have stopped all day! x

  4. I would never have known that you just "threw" this Gypsy costume together. Your whole family looks great. Even the buildings look time-appropriate. I hope you get a lot of positive response from your schmoozing for your faire in October.

  5. Gorgeous photos and costumes! You look great - fab colours on you, your costume. River is such a big boy now! Xo

  6. I love your gypsy outfit! so pretty, and your boys look great too! the day looked amazing, I've never been to anything like it, Iv'e thoroughly enjoyed all the pics and costumes, the detail is incredible - Sholo the Nubian really is intimidating! x x x

  7. You all look fantastic---I understand about the jewelry--I feel naked w/o mine, too!! So hoping we get to pop down to the ATL Ren Faire. It all depends on the finances and right now I'm a broke bitch!

  8. That sounds like it was really fun. Such amazing costumes, including those worn by your delightful family.

  9. Your little boy's costume is absolutely gorgeous, he looks adorable :)


  10. Yay, this looks like so much fun! I love your costumes, River looks so adorable :) The other people's costumes are really cool too and yuummm the food :o Seeing this crepe makes me hungryyy :D


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