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Saturday, April 26, 2014

wildflower trails

Yesterday afternoon me and my mom (pictured below) went to the tiny town of Linden, TX for the region's annual Wildflower Trails Festival. The festival is held simultaneously in a cluster of small towns in the area.
  I wanted to go, not just to get me and River out of the house, but to find some vendors for my faire. I never pass up an opportunity to find vendors.The festival in Linden was pretty lame and I only made two connections so we shuffled over to the next town of Hughes Springs.
 Hughes Spring's festival was significantly better than Linden. Way more vendors to schmooze with, a wider variety of oily flatulence inducing carnival food and rides and games.
It was only about 85F/29C but the sun was super intense. Luckily River has learned how to adjust the hood on his stroller so it completely hides him from the sun. Smart kid.

 And speaking of cute. This dolled up little pot bellied piglet was definitely and eye-catcher. Here, it's not uncommon for people to have pigs as house pets but I've never seen one dressed up, out and about in a tutu and matching bow. 
 And of course I can't pass up a chance to eat funnel cake.
BUT.... it was excessively oily but I ate it anyway and even share some with my little dude...
Big mistake.

When we got home, poor River vomited, sick from the funnel cake and then I got sick from eating cotton candy for the first time in years - and on an empty stomach. 
The old digestive system just ain't what it used to be.
So, how's your weekend going?


  1. What a cool day out - sunshine and a pig in a tutu! xxx

  2. I need a stroller with a hood to protect me from the Sun. And I fear I look like this with a tutu on...

  3. River is adorable, and so smart! Too bad about the junk food reactions, but it really tells you something about that food content.

  4. OMG, what a fun day! Congrats on baby #2, I am just now finding out..shame on me! River is going to be a great BIG brother. Your fashion is always so cute!

  5. I'm like you, cant' eat any crap anymore! River is looking adorable! x x x

  6. I don't blame River for putting the stroller hood up! I love funnel cake-- too bad you guys got a little ill :(

  7. It was "only" 85 degrees?? (I say grumpily as I turn my heat on)....

    We've got two wildflower festivals in my area in May that I always go to. They usually sell plant starts there so that is where I get my tomato plants every year :)

    That pig!!

  8. ohh this looks like such a fun day! I remember when I used to go to the North Carolina State Fair every year and have the best time!

    I'd love it if you could also check out my blog! xx

  9. I enjoyed those pics it looks like fun! River issuch a cutie! I'm a sucker for pt belly adorablein that tutu:-D

  10. well I didn't see a pig in a tutu......but I went to four, yes, four parties!


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