Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 things I hate that you probably love

As an eccentric 29 year old black woman, I often find myself quite enamored with things that most people might find odd, off putting, strange and perhaps even repulsive. Well, you know what? I feel the same way about what brings the average person pleasure. Would you like some examples? Sure ya do. You wouldn't have come here if you didn't, So sit back, relax, take off your bra and prepare to be amazed... or shocked... maybe even offended?
(Yeah, it's more than 10 things)
I hate cheesecake. I think I've mentioned that one before.
I hate going to the movies. It's too expensive and not worth it to me.
Country music. I hate country music so hard it hurts.
I hate bananas.
I hate tequila. I think it tastes like vomit.
I hate seeing people "vape". I used to do it myself, but there's just something about it that looks silly to me.
I hate today's pop music.
I hate having my skin lightly stroked. I'm a vigorous massage kinda gal. If you're going to touch me, make it worth it.
I hate snakes.
I hate hugging my mom and dad and sisters. I don't know why. I've always been that way.
I hate hype - especially with movies and books - which leads me to my next hate:
I hate how every new book is being turned into a movie now. Why? Because it creates too much hype for the book and that makes me not wanna read it.
I hate Coca-Cola. It makes my teeth feel gritty.
I hate bands with female lead singers. I don't know why. I just do.
I hate being referred to as dude, bro or buddy.
I hate big wide open spaces. It freaks me out to look up at the sky. I guess you could say I have the opposite of claustrophobia.
I hate that I have SO many great event ideas but not enough $$$ to make them happen.
I hate dryer lint. Up until a couple years ago, I refused to touch it.
I hate unpacking after a move.
I hate sports.
I hate pants. I don't even like leggings (see next hate for details).
I hate shaving my legs.
I hate being unhappy. Seriously. I don't handle it well.
I hate clutter. My house would suggest otherwise, but it's mostly my husband's stuff and I'd give it all away if I could. He's a pack-rat!
I hate when people refer to themselves as bohemian when the only bohemian thing about them is the way they dress.
I hate ice-cream sandwiches.
I hate cold cake. I like it warm, like it just came out the muthah flippin' oven.
I hate that I can't afford to go out to eat sushi everyday.
I hate that you don't know how much I luuuurve you!
Ok, so that's it for now. Here's a some other stuff.
TEXAS SNOW! We had a light snow for about an hour earlier this week and now it's back up into the 60s. 
This week's nails.
My wittle girl in a thrifted skeleton suit. Everyday is Hollieween in this house.
I'm going to go do what I do best: eat stuff.
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

gone cross eyed

Howdy ya'll!! You guys ready for some pics from the week? No? Well, TOO BAD! Here they are coming atcha. But first: me. You likey? Yes? Awesome. Wanna go out later? Me and you. Maybe we could have a few beers and play some golf and see where the evening takes us? No? Fine. You're not my type anyway.
So, it's cold as heck here and I'm lovin' it. It was so cold (and rainy) today that I wore two dresses. Stripes and plaids, yo. My favorite combo. Well, the plaid dress is a cheapo online find that shrank several sizes after the first washing, so now it's really just a shirt. I haven't had a chance to get any warmer clothes for my still blubbery post-pregnancy body. I'm broke and car-less anyway so I'll probably be double layering dresses a lot this season.

Outfit Under $20
Plaid dress -
Striped dress and boots - handmedowns
Leggings - Walmart
Authentic Kuchi tribal earrings
Crochet flower brooch - made by Lou Lou! (Cedar's matching sweater below)
 I found these records today digging through some leftover stuff from our Church's rummage sale they hosted last weekend. Ten cents each! YEAH!
 Beers of the week:
 River's new favorite "toys".
What a nerd.
  I've been pretty unhappy with the thinness of my brows lately. I've never had a problem with them before and all of a sudden I felt that I needed to do something about them - I blame Pinterest. I suck at filling them in - I do it everyday and I still can't get it right so I browsed the web to see if there was such a thing as eyebrow stencils. And sure enough! 
Look! I got suckbrows! 
I think this whole eyebrow stencil thing would be better for me if the stencils were adhesive and if I had a darker brow pencil.. and friggin' knew what I was doing. 
So anywaaaaays... River wore polka dots and skinny jeans to church today. I had no idea how skinny those darn pants were when I got them. They look like dude leggings.
 And all in hot pink is Miss Cedar. Along with her thrifted $2 dress she's sporting a pair of 99 cent ruffle bloomers bought from China on Ebay. Thank you China for always being there for me. 
The dress is so fluffy! Doesn't her dress remind you of those dolls old ladies crochet to cover toilet paper rolls? 
Ummm... sometimes this happens.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

tappy tap tap tap tappy tappety tap tappy tap

 If you follow my blog regularly then you've probably read about how much I love to dance. Belly dance is my favorite but lately I've been wanting to branch out a little - mostly just to spice up my daily exercise routine.

When I was a young teen, I took tap, jazz and ballet lessons -  I was also on the kick line in high school. I was a dancing machine and I was good at it all. I hung up my tap shoes when I quit dance lessons at age 16 and never looked back - that is until I found this hilariously cheesy tap dance DVD at Salvation Army for $2 last year. Lemme tell you. It's fun. Go get some tap shoes and try!
I guess River had heard enough of my terrible tapping on this particular day. He threw toys at me and repeatedly drove his little scooter into my legs. He even sat at my feet and refused to move: "You ain't no Fred Astaire. Go sit down, Mom."
So here's a little bit from today.
Sunday (today) we went to church....
 ...and then we tried out a park we've never been to before.

 LOOK!! A tree has turned! WEEEE!! ONE TREE! It's autumn in Texas finally!
I'm just kidding. 4/60,000,000 trees have turned so far.... 
 And then....
Alrighty folks. I'm off to go eat some leftover duck and shrimp pasta. Have a great day and remember: Don't be afraid of ghosts. They're spooky but they don't bite.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

bigger and better and crazy

Holy burritos, Batman! Can it be? Am I really wearing a... cardigan?? YES! Folks, we're finally getting autumn-like temperatures here and I'm so excited it hurts. That means more clothing options, layering up, scarves, hats and NO SWEATING! YAY!!

So I'm trying something new with my hair-- or rather tried something new. Yesterday while getting ready for running errands, I took my hair down and tousled it up to prep for styling. I was about to begin flat-ironing it when I realized, hey! I got Tim Minchin hair! I fluffed it up higher and bigger in the back and then - Hey! I got Russel Brand hair!
 Tim and Russel are both funny and good looking. I'M funny and good looking so I should join the "funny and good looking hair club" right?  My hair was a lot bigger before these photos.
 (PS, that photo on the right has NOT been edited. No seriously. I think there was a smudge on the camera lens or something and it made a glow-type effect that made me look super effin' radiant.)
I tried my new hair out at Walmart and yeah, I got stares... and I loved it. Yes, a black woman with Tim Minchin hair IS something to gawk at here. Welcome to Texarkana. Whenever I saw no one was looking, I would scrunch up my hair a little higher and tousle it a bit more to make it - well, worse. The more I messed with it the crazier it looked and the more stares I got and I was just plumb tickled to death about it all.
Today we had church outdoors as part of my church's fall festival weekend and  I tried my hair there. A young teen asked me in a concerned tone: Did you not have time to do your hair this morning?
I nicely explained to her that I made it look like that on purpose because simply put, I like it that way. She shrugged, smiled and walked away. Throughout the day my hair kept going limp. Instead of looking playfully tousled, I looked more like me and the husband sneaked off to have a quick romantic rendezvous in the woods. Not the look I was going for.
I love the wacky hair. I'm a crazy person and having crazy hair just feels right, you know? Will I keep the hair, though? Well, probably not for a daily look because this kind of style requires waaaay too much hairspray for my taste. I like my hair natural and not crispy - but I can see myself going for it on special occasions. Weddings, bar mitvahs,... funerals, you know - the usual.
So that's it for now. Don't forget to water your plants. See you all soon!
Cedar Girl will be 2 months old Thursday.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hollieween 2014

Saturday night we hosted our annual Hollieween party. The turn out was great. Just the right amount of people. In fact if we had more people we would have had to start partying in the bathrooms - our home was pretty packed.
Since our finances are looking a bit pale this season I dressed us all in super low cost costumes. I racked my brain and realized we all have the clothing to dress as hip modern versions of Disney Characters! These were by far the laziest costumes I've ever come up with but hey, I only spent $7 for all of us.
In case you're unfamiliar with Disney movies here's a side by side comparison of the characters we're dressed as:
I'm Snow White. Costume cost - $0
My husband as hipster Peter Pan.
Cost of costume: $1 for thrifted toboggan
River as Aladdin.
Cost of costume: $1 for thrifted toboggan
And Cedar wasn't too thrilled about waking up in a green tutu.
Cost of costume: $1 for shirt, $4 for the tulle for the DIY no-sew tutu.
Sooooo here are some pics from the night:

 Get it? They're ceiling fans. HA!

So that's all for now... and here's my face.
I'm linked up for Share-in-Style: Halloween!! See ya there!

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