Sunday, May 24, 2015

you know I'm no good

Hello all! We're all enjoying our Memorial Day weekend here in Wonderland so far. Barbecuing, drinking cheap beer, jello wrestling and big game hunting.... it's been grand!
 New ring from Earthbound Trading Company, $3. There was a basket full of these suckers and if I were rich I would have bought them all... or if I were dishonest, I would have stole them all.
 Saturday afternoon we went out trailer hunting again at a lot we haven't checked out yet, but dad-gummit we got there too late. Closed for the day. Poop! Saturdays are the only days we have to look for trailers. We found one online for $3,700 though! It's EXACTLY what we need; queen bed, bunks and all BUT it's in Wisconsin. We decided that if we find something at just the right price, we'll travel to get it, but a 15 hour drive to check out something that may or may not work out for us is a little much but we're still considering it.
 So, Cedar got to try food with real substance this weekend and... well, let's just say she had some trouble adjusting to the new textures.

 But River's an old pro!
 Blah, blah, blah Memorial Day stuff...

  Blah, blah, blah I wore this to church...
 I think the dress kinds sucks but it's light and I love the pattern. And look! Another one of those rings!
So that's all for now, ya'll! Time to go smash windows and stir up some riots for no good reason! BYE! Go check out my other blog if you like parenting stuff. Ok, bye again!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


 Yesterday we had a booth at Railfest to promote the faire and all that good stuff but the weather was crazy awful. It was pretty warm and humid to begin with and then it rained. And then the sun came out and the air got all steamy and gross. Another little storm would roll through and then here we go again. This happened SIX TIMES. I was so frustrated with pulling in the the merch and scrambling under our tiny pop-up canopy with five other people over and over - I wanted to just run away, pick up some nachos, go home and watch Family Guy in the nude.
I was SO sweaty at the festival. My face was DRIPPING all day. I kept one of  Cedar's burp cloths in my hand to dab away the sweat as daintily as I could but it just kept coming and coming. My face was bloated and wet and I felt like soggy trash. I HATE that I sweat to much. 

Isn't there a surgery for excessive sweating??? Oh yeah! It's called gastric bypass surgery...


But I looked pretty good though, yeah?

Here is a sneak peek of my Daniella Noir the Gypsy Queen's costume. I will be joining the cast of my own faire in September  for those of you who don't pay attention already know.
I'm not wearing my hoop and crinoline that goes under the 25 yards of dip-dyed awesomeness because it was too effin' hot for that and I haven't added my bells and blings to the bodice yes and my headdress is nowhere near finished. But overall I think the costume is coming along quite nicely.
So here are some pics from the day. Ok...
Two of the women that help me with the faire make this awesome jewelry. On the left there, those are living plant necklaces! On the right, hand crafted chainmaille bracelets.
Found this in the ally.

My kiddos were there for a little while. Cedar partied til she passed out.

And that's it for Railfest. Let's get to the best part of this week.
DIY lavender absinthe.
Yup. We bought the mix at a faire in April. 
Husband was funneling the mix into the liquor but the funnel was a little wet to it was sticking to the inside. Sooo he used a chopstick to push it down aaand...

We're still cleaning out the house for the move but we haven't had time to look for a trailer. I've finally finished de-junking the bedroom and the closet. We haven't seen the floor of the closet in a couple of years! All those bags piled under there, that's costuming: steampunk, renaissance, Halloween, belly dance, accessories and more.  And look at aaaall those hangers I found taking up space on our racks and on the floor. Sheeeesh.
 I'm still pretty worn out from yesterday so the Husband took the kiddos to church so I could get a little more sleep but here I am blogging instead.
Time to go read what you guys have been up to now!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

adventures in laa laa land

Me and the husband's fifth wedding anniversary was on the 8th and Mother's  Day is today so we celebrated it all as one lump holiday this weekend. I think I shall name this multi-purpose holiday
"We Got Married and Weren't Trying to Get Pregnant But it Happened Twice Day"
Ah, c'mon, I'm just kidding.
Anywho we went to Sci-Port Discovery Center in Shreveport, LA (about 75 miles away) and then on to the Louisiana Boardwalk for some food and to find my mom a Mother' Day Gift. Sooooo.... here are some pics from our special holiday... what did I name it? Something like "I Can't Take Birth Control Because it Makes My Boobs Bigger Day"? Something like that.
Joking, folks. Not about the birth control thing though... that's no joking matter.
Don't you dare laugh.


And then at the Boardwalk.
I finally had my first Bloody Mary!!

Shameless bathroom selfie.
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, mom's-to-be, fur-moms, dad-moms, etc...

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