Sunday, December 14, 2014

do a little dance

My week.
We had a mouse invader for the first time in three years. He was living in the kitchen, the nasty bugger. I saw him once- he was fat and had no tail. Yeah. Anyways, three years ago it wasn't a mouse we had. It wasn't even mice plural. It was rats... disgusting baby rats. We caught THREE of them back to back to back. Have you ever caught a rat in a sticky trap? The sound they make is unbelievable!! They screeeeeeeech like pterodactyls!! It's awful! Thank God I never saw mama rat or I would have burned that apartment down.
Oh yeah, and that was also the year we had a squirrel living in our closet for about a week. 
It. Ate. Everything. You think mice are destructive? You should see the kind of damage a squirrel can do. I'll tell you more about that effin' destructo-squirrel later.
I spent all week getting my other blog up and running and chocked full of ads. Yeah (hangs head in shame) there are ads on here too. Sorry. 
No! You know what? I'm NOT sorry. I need money!
What else? What else? Oh yeah! I added three whole sentences to my novel. WOO! I'm on a roll!
Nah, seriously though, it's going well. I'm confident that its going to be a good read and I hope to be finished by 2026.
 So here's this weeks nails...
And I got three new bangles for my little collection. They're 99 cents on Ebay and they're made of Tibetan silver so they don't rust or change colors or anything like that.
And I also got this pretty little lady for my bling arachnid collection from eBay for less than $2. Isn't she purty?!?! I can't wait to find a chain for her.
And here's the husband sporting his "man bun" whilst being hypnotized by Vincent Price.

So, I gotta go now. It's time to go eat stuff and write stuff, and pin stuff and do other...stuff. 
Ok bye.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

wiggle worm

Hey gals (and dudes). How's everyone doing today? Good? Ya feelin' well? Ya hungry? Can I make you a sammich? Getcha some tea?
Me? Thanks for asking. I'm super busy. I am in the middle of so many projects right now.
I'm a little frazzled but I'm never bored and I love it. 
I can't be still. I friggin' hate being still. If I'm bored for more than a few seconds I start getting suicidal... kidding...
Or am I?
On the 20th, I'll be hosting our annual Christmas/Husband's birthday party at our place. 
Then comes Christmas and New Years. (New Years? Do I smell an excuse for another party?)
January 20th is River's birthday party. We've decided on a gothy circus theme for that. Squee! Can't wait!
February 7th is our 4th annual Valentines Day fundraiser for the Faire. Last year we had a masquerade and the year before was steampunk. Both events were pretty successful so we've decided to blend the two together and throw a Valentines Day Steampunk Masquerade ball. Sweeeeeet.
Let's see...what else?
Oh yeah!
I started a new blog, I've started back belly dancing AND (drum roll please) I've started my first novel!! Ok, "truthishly", I've started novels before but I get so swept up in the dialogue, it just becomes a script. And because I don't know how to format scripts properly I don't submit them. I just keep them to myself and read them for my own entertainment. But not this time! No siree! I'm gonna write that dang book and I'm gonna get it published!
Err.... my mom's a publisher so hopefully she'll hook me up right? 
With two kids, a husband and a home to take care of, how do I have the time to do all of this?
Ok. Here goes:
My car died last year. Every time we get the money to fix it, something disastrous happens and we have to hand over all of our dough. So we have one car that my husband takes to work everyday so that means what, dear readers? I'M STUCK AT HOME ALL DANG DAY - EVERY DANG DAY. 
I do have a schedule. It's not strict, though, nor was it intentional. Things just fell into place that way:
In the morning I change diapers and snuggle and feed babies. Then I check my two email accounts, one personal and one for faire, and then my 2 Facebook accounts, one personal and one for my Faire persona Daniella Noir - I'll tell you about her later. Then 3 Facebook pages, the Faire's page, my blog's page and then my Events In Texarkana Page - that's a rather popular page where I share all the cool happenings in Texarkana and the surrounding areas. That page is the most important as over 2,800 people (and growing!) people are looking to me to help plan their weekends. I also have 6 groups Facebook groups: My faire staff group, a group for selling vintage and antique items, one for vendors looking for events to attend in the Arklatex (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas area), one for people offering services in the area and 2 for the faire: a page for my gypsy performers and the other for the volunteers.
I know it sounds like a lot (and it is), but it takes less than an hour to get it all done.
After noon I do belly dance drills for 30 minutes to an hour while River wraps himself around my legs and/or throws things at me.
After I dance I feed babies again and start cleaning the house. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I like for things to look somewhat organized. Clutter drives me nuts. Sometimes I put on music and continue dancing while I clean.
Then it's "free" time: I blog, read blogs, get on Pinterest, plan events, etc - all while kissing boo-boos and cleaning spit up and poopy diapers. By the way I have 3 Pinterest pages. One for myself, one for the faire (almost 5,000 followers!) and one for Events in Texarkana.
At around 5pm my husband calls to let me know he's on his way home. I put on Netflix or some music (Christmas records this season!) and I start dinner and do the dishes at the same time. 
After dinner I usually do a little laundry while I browse Pinterest and/or work on my novel.
Then I bathe the babies, put them to bed and then I drink a little gin to help quiet my mind while I either work on my novel some more or read a book or magazine until I pass out.
Rinse. Repeat.
I tried to throw an ironing business into the mix but I had no takers. I'm still open to doing it if anyone needs some ironing done. I can make time!
I was supposed to reopen my Etsy store at the beginning of next year, but with no car, I can't get to the post office to mail out items, so BAH HUMBUG! 
So there you have it! Are you a wiggle worm too? Do you have issues with being still like I do?
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