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Sunday, March 18, 2018

the yellow flowers

Me and the fam went to the 50th annual Jonquil Festival at the Historical Washington State Park in Arkansas. It's about an hour away and we try to go every year because the weather is usually still pretty decent, the park is lovely, the vendors are very diverse and have great prices and of course greasy fried stuff on a stick.

As it was St Patrick's Day I put on my girdle and squeezed into the only green dress I own: a too-tight dress that I only wear around the house in the summer.

Sorry if some of the pics are a little lackluster. I'm not much in the mood to edit all of these.
Aunt Irma came for a visit a little early and she's not being a very nice guest...
In other words. I feel like POO.

Since the historical park has been "frozen in time" in the Civil War era, it's not uncommon to see young maidens in 19th century attire waiting for their "bloomen onions" to finish cooking. 
She's most likely a tour guide. Sadly, people don't wear costumes for this event. I kind of wish they did. I had to chunk my hoop underskirt after I broke a hoop beyond repair at Mardi Gras last year and I haven't have much a reason to buy a new one.

Yes. We eat alligator in the South. Preferably deep fried on a stick.
It's not an incredibly common food but it can be found from food vendors like this at carnivals and festivals and Cajun restaurants and we eats it. We eats it up.

I, however, do NOT eat that deed-fried sweets crap. I tried a deep fried Oreo a couple years ago just for kicks and it was terrible. A soft cold Oreo covered in a thick fried pancake batter is gross. Just plain gross.

Mennonites watching a martial arts demonstration.
(We have quite a large Mennonite population in this area.)

These guys below even demonstrated how to escape someone pointing an AR-15 in your back... a horrifically handy survival skill to learn these days... *sigh*

Nope, I'm not pregnant. My girdle is mostly to tame the muffin top but it squishes all my floppy belly in and rounds it out in the front. Oh, well. I'm more comfortable looking like I'm 6 months pregnant than being seen with my belly sagging down to my thighs in a too-small dress, so there's that!

This leather worker dude was nice enough to let me invade his personal working space for some pics.


Just a little bit of the horse parade. That wagon is being pulled by mules... I think. I cut their heads off, but I'm pretty sure they're mules.

And then shortly after the horse parade comes the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
I NEED IT!!!!!

So here are some questions for you:
Did you wear green on St Patrick's Day?
Are there Mennonites in your area?
Can you tell the difference between a horse and a mule?
Will you buy me a pink Jeep?


  1. I love the green dress! Fried gator can be found in Florida a lot of places, too.

  2. Hey! Someone buy me a pink Jeep too! :D Hollie, y'all looking great in the pics. I don't wear green so a St.Patrick's Day outfit for me rarely happens. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing the pics. Looked like a fun event. I like the martial arts demo, and that random girl just waiting for bloomen onions:D

  3. We have Mennonites here too. Lots of them with very skinny, sad looking horses pulling buggies.

    Since I'm borderline vegan now that fried alligator doesn't tempt me one bit.

    I can tell the difference between a horse and a donkey. Does that count?


  4. I'd love to go there, it looks so interesting & I love that people really make an effort with their costumes. x

  5. 1- yes
    2- yes, they run a kick ass bakery a couple town away
    3- yes
    4- nope

    How does one deep fry a cheesecake? Asking for a friend


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