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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

there's a thing going on over there

 Yeeeeeeaaahhh boy!
What's going on folks?
With me? Same ol' same ol'.
I've always got something to complain about these days but to be honest, I'm not in the mood.
That's a good thing right??? Not being in the mood to complain?

So anyways. 
These pics were to serve as outfit photos on this blog and photos for a giveaway I'm doing on my other blog.

So, how do I come about these giveaways anyway?
Wellllll, companies contact me and ask me to review their products.
I get a lot of offers from reps who either just don't understand my lifestyle or just don't care. 

No, I don't wanna review your fitness app! Be outta here!

Most of the time they're asking if I would like to share their article on my blog.

Those emails usually go something like this:
"Hello, Hollie! I came across your blog today and I love your style! So groovy! I have a website called Tax Prepping Soccer Moms and I would love it if you could share one of our articles on your blog, Quirky Bohemian Mama."

To which I am often tempted to reply: 
"What part of "Quirky Bohemian Mama" made you think that I or my audience would be interested in something like that? Shoo!!"

 Now, with all of that being said - here's my shining moment as a big fat hypocrite.

A wooden sign company asked if I could review a product. I briefly looked at the site and thought,"I can make this work," so I agreed. They sent me $100 gift card to buy with and a $100 gift card to give away.

I was like, cool! I can work with that!

Well.... the signs I could choose from were very nice, but just not really my style. 
I've been wanting to do a series of posts about old-fashioned etiquette and had an idea for a post about being a good hostess in your home. I thought this sign was very fitting so that's what I picked.

Soooo.... if you're interested in entering the giveaway for the $100 gift card to  just head on over to my other blog for more info. 

Like I said, it's nice stuff! Just not 100% my style. That doesn't mean it won't be up your ally though so have fun!


  1. You look beautiful! Love the flower in your hair. And your glass of vino! lol!!!!

  2. I'm loving your outfit here, Hollie! And yeah...I get some emails like these. You're much nicer though coz I never respond:P That sign you're holding though is pretty sweet. Imma gonna check out the site.

  3. So far, I've never had those emails. Fingers crossed! You're looking ever so lovely with that flower in your hair, and I'd be very interested in reading a series about old fashioned etiquette, something which I think is sadly lacking in this day and age! Love from Belgium xxx

  4. You look awesome, Hollie! I would "stay a while" at your house for sure.

    Heh heh, no one has EVER asked me to review a product ;)

  5. I had to smile at Online Solicitations... only received one once, it terrified me, they asked if they could come to my Home and do a spread for their Magazine, I almost had a stroke and panic attack just thinking about something like that! Of coarse in the Land of Blog you can edit what you photograph of your Life and it never looks as messy as it just is {well, mebbe that's just me} and I always imagine anyone actually featured in those magazines has a Home they could easily make editorial... ha ha ha... needless to say, it never happened. But now that I've Sold my Beloved Historic Homestead, I kinda Wish I would have just so that it could have been preserved in a Publication... I Miss it so and that would have been something Special to look back upon fondly. Love your ensemble BTW and the flower in the hair, so Cute!

  6. I actually reply with "Have you ever read my blog? I buy and sell vintage clothes, why on earth would I endorse cheaply stuff made in questionable conditions?" Some answer and apologise and the others, well they never bother me again! xxx

  7. Tax prepping soccer mom's.... I almost spat out my coffee! Hahahahaha!!! ����

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