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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't look back. Wait. Do.

The highlights of 2014. Enjoy!

Newly pregnant with baby #2 before River's first birthday.

Hosted our 3rd annual Valentine's Day Fundraiser for the faire. Didn't raise much money but it was great fun.
Made the official public announcement that I was pregnant.

Marched in my first Mardi Gras parade.

My 29th birthday
River finally started walking at 15 months
Got to go Texas' second largest Renaissance Faire for the first time ever.

Promoted the faire at Railfest.

Found out I was having a girl
Hosted our first pirate's ball.

Hosted my own fiesta themed baby shower

Attended the 4th annual Arklatex Comic Convention dressed as characters from the Disney/Pixar movie Up. Nine months pregnant.

Cedar Shoshannah was born via scheduled c-section, 7lbs and perfectly healthy.

Another successful faire!



Soooo...that's all! Hope you enjoyed this quick re-cap of my year.
YAY! Um. Bye!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Holliedays lookeeloo

Howdy folks! I'm in a wee bit of a hurry so I'm going to just dump out some photos from yesterday. 
We spent Christmas at my in-laws' house. It was a three hour long drive, holding in farts and listening to Radiohead- dislocating my shoulder to bottle feed a starving infant in the back seat. Fun times.
There's really no need to describe each photo, here ya go. Enjoy.

  ^River got the same jacket from two different people. What are the odds?!?!^

 ^I got to meet my newest nephew for the first time!!^

Okie dokie. That's all for now.
My house hasn't been cleaned in a couple of days, I still need to unpack, do laundry and get everyone dressed and ready to take a short trip to see my folks this evening. Weeee.
I hope everyone had a FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

what for the Holliedays

 I wish I had photos to show you of my Christmas party Saturday but there are none.  I had to cancel it. Yeah. The husband and I aren't doing too well financially right now so we had to let it go. Meh, we'll make up for it next year...hopefully. We're so broke right now I've started pimping out my husband- but we're not making much money off of him because he won't do white chicks.
 So with life's foot constantly up our pocketbook's arse, we weren't able to go out and splurge on cutesy Holiday outfits for our church's special Holiday service. No biggie. I like a good challenge. 
  Husband's attire included a thrifted shirt and suspenders and an authentic Ramsay tartan tie handed down from his brother who passed away a few years ago.
 Cedar's outfit is all handmedowns from River, glammed up with a $1 eBay tutu and gifted hat.
The last time I wore this vintage Lane Bryant dress was Valentines. I got it from; a site that's like eBay, but with points instead of money.
I made this hairpiece last year in about five minutes for a Christmas event I didn't even go to. It's just poinsettias and gold glitter balls on a comb.
River wore a handmedown sweater and... a strange expression.
It's no fun being broke around the holidays, but heck. We're broke all the time! We're used to it! Hee hee! Ok, it's not really funny but I'm not going to cry about it. We'll survive! 
So how are things looking for you guys out there?
Livin' large? Barely scraping by? Somewhere in between?
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

do a little dance

My week.
We had a mouse invader for the first time in three years. He was living in the kitchen, the nasty bugger. I saw him once- he was fat and had no tail. Yeah. Anyways, three years ago it wasn't a mouse we had. It wasn't even mice plural. It was rats... disgusting baby rats. We caught THREE of them back to back to back. Have you ever caught a rat in a sticky trap? The sound they make is unbelievable!! They screeeeeeeech like pterodactyls!! It's awful! Thank God I never saw mama rat or I would have burned that apartment down.
Oh yeah, and that was also the year we had a squirrel living in our closet for about a week. 
It. Ate. Everything. You think mice are destructive? You should see the kind of damage a squirrel can do. I'll tell you more about that effin' destructo-squirrel later.
I spent all week getting my other blog up and running and chocked full of ads. Yeah (hangs head in shame) there are ads on here too. Sorry. 
No! You know what? I'm NOT sorry. I need money!
What else? What else? Oh yeah! I added three whole sentences to my novel. WOO! I'm on a roll!
Nah, seriously though, it's going well. I'm confident that its going to be a good read and I hope to be finished by 2026.
 So here's this weeks nails...
And I got three new bangles for my little collection. They're 99 cents on Ebay and they're made of Tibetan silver so they don't rust or change colors or anything like that.
And I also got this pretty little lady for my bling arachnid collection from eBay for less than $2. Isn't she purty?!?! I can't wait to find a chain for her.
And here's the husband sporting his "man bun" whilst being hypnotized by Vincent Price.

So, I gotta go now. It's time to go eat stuff and write stuff, and pin stuff and do other...stuff. 
Ok bye.
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