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Sunday, December 14, 2014

do a little dance

My week.
We had a mouse invader for the first time in three years. He was living in the kitchen, the nasty bugger. I saw him once- he was fat and had no tail. Yeah. Anyways, three years ago it wasn't a mouse we had. It wasn't even mice plural. It was rats... disgusting baby rats. We caught THREE of them back to back to back. Have you ever caught a rat in a sticky trap? The sound they make is unbelievable!! They screeeeeeeech like pterodactyls!! It's awful! Thank God I never saw mama rat or I would have burned that apartment down.
Oh yeah, and that was also the year we had a squirrel living in our closet for about a week. 
It. Ate. Everything. You think mice are destructive? You should see the kind of damage a squirrel can do. I'll tell you more about that effin' destructo-squirrel later.
I spent all week getting my other blog up and running and chocked full of ads. Yeah (hangs head in shame) there are ads on here too. Sorry. 
No! You know what? I'm NOT sorry. I need money!
What else? What else? Oh yeah! I added three whole sentences to my novel. WOO! I'm on a roll!
Nah, seriously though, it's going well. I'm confident that its going to be a good read and I hope to be finished by 2026.
 So here's this weeks nails...
And I got three new bangles for my little collection. They're 99 cents on Ebay and they're made of Tibetan silver so they don't rust or change colors or anything like that.
And I also got this pretty little lady for my bling arachnid collection from eBay for less than $2. Isn't she purty?!?! I can't wait to find a chain for her.
And here's the husband sporting his "man bun" whilst being hypnotized by Vincent Price.

So, I gotta go now. It's time to go eat stuff and write stuff, and pin stuff and do other...stuff. 
Ok bye.
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  1. We had a squirrel in our attic in Florida and it chewed a hole through part of the ac stuff. It was horrid! I LOVE those bangles and congrats on the three sentences. Writing can be tough!

  2. Love man buns! When I lived in the city we had the craziest, meaest squirrels that would sit at the front door just waiting to run in and eat our lives.

  3. Man buns= awesome! And yeah....when I was single, I lived in a basement apartment, and my "room mates" were these stinking big rats. To this day, I'm terrified of them! Grrrrr! Have you had raccoon problems? They're the worst too!!!!

  4. Yup, I know those bangles well, the street hawkers in India try to tell you that they're real silver and that they're antique and drive you mental! The beauty of having cats is that rodents steer real clear! xxx

  5. Love the bracelets! What seller on ebay? Cause I may need to get myself a birthday present!
    Nice nails!

    1. Several sellers have them on eBay. Just type in "Tibetan silver bracelet" in the search bar and alter your search to show items from lowest to highest price. There ya go!!

  6. so what if you have ads? You got children to feed, got over it people. Those bangles are cool. I'm really , really trying not to buy stuff "for fun". And I have way too much jewelry as it is

  7. This dirty little stalker wants to know if your ebay bangle connection has a link and has more

    1. Hey you!! Several sellers have them on eBay. Just type in "Tibetan silver bracelet" in the search bar and alter your search to show items from lowest to highest price.

  8. We've got to get the exterminator back after our rat invasion, NOT looking forward to multiple rat corpses, you have my sympathies, it's grim but! on a fabulous note, your bangles and sparkly pendant are absolute beauties! and yes! let's be each others entourage, we'd be MAGNIFICENT! X X X

  9. Hearing about your experience with the closet squirrel makes me think your probably not overly enamoured by all my posts about how cute the critters are, lol.

    You find the best stuff in eBay. Those bracelets are so nice.

    And I do like a good man bun!

  10. I had some stuff stored at my parents' house once, and when I went into a box and then a plastic bag inside that, I found that it had been chewed open, and some little rodent had been stashing bird seed - lots of it - in the bag. It must have made a lot of trips! I hope you can get rid of yours and not find brothers and sisters and cousins all moving in, too.

    I'm thinking about putting ads on my blog, too, just for the extra $5 or so I might get. Your readers accept that you've got an eBay habit that you have to support. ;-)

    Keep going on that novel! It's gonna be fantastic, I'm sure. Oh, and check out the website

  11. We found a little mouse once swimming round and round in Bumper's (the dog) water bowl. Apparently the high sides of the bowl wouldn't let it climb out and Bumper didn't know what to do with it. We took it to the church yard and let it go. That was it, if I recall.
    Sounds like quite the schedule you're keeping. Go girl, go!

  12. No shame in ads, make that money! :D We don't get rats here but roach corpses pop up from time to time. It's tropical down here and NO house can escape them entirely not matter how much diatomaceous earth you use to keep the beasts at bay. It's gotten MUCH better with it, though.

  13. No judgment! Love any and all RuPaul references!


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