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Friday, December 5, 2014

Modern Colors Two: an illustrated explanation

Hello folks! I've started a spinoff blog for mom and kid stuff. 
The original Modern Colors blog started off as a pregnancy style blog, but I had no style... so it became just a pregnancy blog. After the birth of my first child the blog became all about me since my baby did little more than just drool and poop. Not really blog-worthy. 
Now I have two kiddos and I've found my self desiring more and more to blog about them and all sorts of fun kid stuff. I know many of you ladies out there either have no children or you have children who have long since left the nest so I highly doubt you all would be interested in reading about how to remove spit-up stains and the best cream for a chapped hiney.

January, 2012 - 9 months pregnant with River.

When I first started off blogging about pregnancy and baby stuff, quite naturally I followed other mom bloggers and to tell you the truth - it was a pretty boring journey. I mean, are 15 black and white photographs of your baby wearing cloth diapers really necessary? Biweekly posts about vegan toddler meals? A 4,000 word image-less post about teething?
Mom blogs tend to be the same blog over and over. They lure you in with promises of eclectic awesomeness - calling themselves, "groovy", "crunchy", "hippie" and "bohemian". When you get to their blogs, you find that they feel they're SO unique because they wear  $300 Anthropology dresses, cloth diaper their babies, use coconut oil and buy organic baby food.
Woopdee-friggin'-doo. Let's have a party.

So, I know it sounds like I have a low opinion of all mom bloggers. Not all of them. Just the boring ones.  I would like to jump back into the game and try my hand at giving mom blog readers something a little different. Surely there's a mom out there looking for tips on how to create a steampunk costume for a two year old - or tips on the best way to introduce your child to Tom Waits.

Yes, Modern Colors Two will have annoying ads.
Yes, it will also have product reviews and giveaways that force you to follow me on every form of social media ever made.
I need the money. I need the freebies. I need the... attention?
I love to blog and if I can do it to help support my family then by gum, that's what I'm going to do. BUT I'm going to do it in the most awesome way possible - always with humor, a dash of sarcasm and little bit'o this:
No,worries, I'll still blog here. I'm not going anywhere any time soon.
So, if you're interested in following Modern Colors Two just click on the image below and sniff it out.
Modern Colors Two


  1. You're going to have to find your specific tribe of mommy bloggers - the ones who have a sense of humor and aren't so precious about awesomeness of changing poopy diapers on their Baby GAP babies. It might be hard, though, because you are one of a kind - in a good way!

  2. Just love how you are so honest! Everything you say about most mom blogs is true and the way you put it cracked me up! :D

  3. I've had to stop listening to some podcasts after the hosts had kids and became overly critical of people who raised their kids like I did - I mean, Barney saved me when my daughter had chicken pox! Not all tv is evil! Unless it involves drunk teens in New Jersey...
    I'll be reading your parenting blog because I think you're too much fun not to.

  4. Not being a mother I don't read mum blogs but I can just imagine the twee photos. xxx

  5. I'm a mom and I blog momish stuff but hopefully not a boring one hahah I have like 30 blogs that came to mind while reading this post though ;)


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