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Friday, November 30, 2012

gimme sleep. gimme peace.

Sleep don't come easy these days. I'm eight months pregnant now and I'm finally starting to see what pregnant women have been complaining about. I wake up every two hours to tee-tee, I've been getting terrible late night back pains and gas and rolling over requires sitting upright in bed, flopping over like a beached whale and then trying to settle into a position that doesn't encourage the baby to curl up inside my rib cage.
Me and the husband both go to bed at around 2am - 3am When my husband gets up in the morning to start his day, that's when I finally go into deep sleep. I guess his absence provides me with the much needed space I need to unconsciously flop around and grunt and poot and whatever else I need to do to get comfortable. So after he gets up at around 9am, I'm settling down to put in another five hours of sleep. Yes, I wake up at about 2pm everyday now.... and let me tell ya- it sucks.
Me- desperately trying to start the day at 3:30pm
By the time I'm up and fed and dressed and make-uped and ready to run my errands, businesses are closing. And this is super bad for me because I need to ship out my Etsy stuff a few times during the week and my orders often go out late because I can't start my day at a decent time!
Now it's 3:45pm and I still need to get dressed, eat "breakfast", go the the post office, pay my car note, pick up some much needed jewelry making supplies, go grocery shopping and clean out the bunny's cage... Ugh.
I love my unborn child- I love him more than I knew was even possible, but mama's ready to get her life schedule back on track...
Ha ha! I say that, but I know that having a baby isn't going to help much with that! Oh well... Maybe I'll just hire a secretary or something.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Onward, event planner!

It just hit me last night that I have a Steampunk Valentines Day ball fundraiser coming up in February and I haven't done a thing to prepare for it. So I immediately started working on the decor plan and budget and now I feel a little better. What's so crazy about this, is this is going to be my first event to host post pregnancy. How weird. The baby is due January 15th and as soon as we get all settled in, I've got a ball to throw! Oh, I hope I can handle this! Luckily, I've got help. I've got two dedicated folks who helped me with the Ren Faire and I know they won't let me down with this ball- in fact they've taken plenty of initiative with this event already: finding the location, paying the deposit and such. Good folks.
Last year, we did a steampunk Christmas ball. Eh, it was ok. I think it would have gone a little better if we started advertising a little earlier. I was handing out flyers for the event like a week before it started. We don't have very many people in our town who can throw together a steampunk outfit in a week, so attendance was pretty low. I blame myself for this- (even though I had a team of about 20 people that were supposed to be helping with advertising... but that's another story for another time).
Last February we did a "Valentine's Shindig". I hired a Delta blues musician, a comedian, we had a raffle for semi-naughty gifts.... no one came. We raised about $17. The event was the biggest flop ever. I'm really not sure why. If I had to guess I think the event bombed because it was held at a coffee shop, not a sports bar... people around here just don't know how to have fun without booze. It's kinda sad.
So I've decided to combine the two events- A Steampunk Valentines Day Ball! Man I hope this works out. This fundraiser will officially kick off promoting the 2013 Renaissance Faire and I'm a little nervous.
Anywho, here's some of the inspiration for the ball I collected last night from Pinterest:
I'm going for a softer Romantic feel... less rust and useless gadgets.
 To keep decor cost down, we will be DIYing a lot of stuff. Last year we decorated with paper chains made from vintage book pages. I think if we make tons of it and pair it with doily bunting and extra large wall hangings, things will look spectacular.

Here's some ideas for the table centerpieces- for the vases and other dishes I still can't decide if I want to go pretty Victorian crystal and china or more industrial looking metals.
Heh, this is pretty much the menu menu minus the tea, fruits and veggies. Gotta keep the cost low!! I found some killer recipes on Pinterest to make these everyday tea party sandwiches into fancy gourmet creations, so I hope people will be impressed!
I'm just throwing in me and the husband's attire inspiration. We're not steampunk fans, but we LOVE to dress up- so when we dress up, we DRESS UP. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nursery/Office in the making

I'll be 33 weeks Monday and now it's time to get off my fluffy bottom and work on the baby's room/office. 
Our second bedroom was supposed to be my office/crafting room but as we were about to move into our new home- boom, pregnant... 
As soon as we moved in, the baby stuff came pouring in and there was no where to put it except for in this spare bedroom that was supposed to be reserved for my much needed office.
Don't ask.
Here's what the room looked like in September. I became so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we were given PLUS all the stuff that was already in the room I just kind of gave up on trying to clean it out for a while.
(Here's the post I wrote about the early stages of cleaning.)
All the bags of baby clothes needed to be washed and sorted and there were boxes full of stuff. Just stuff. You know what I mean? That stuff that you don't really need at the time, but you need to hang on to it because you might need it later but there's no where to put it... yeah, that kind of stuff. I hate STUFF. 
My cleaning philosophy is based on the quote, "A place for everything and everything in it's place" I take that very seriously- so to me this means, if something doesn't have a place to go and it's just sitting on the floor gathering dust or it's been in a junk box for two years, then it's time to get rid of it. No debating, no arguing, no compromises- just let it go.
Fun bit of nerdy trivia: The internet has often stated that the quote "A place for everything and everything in it's place" as being coined by Mark Twain or Benjamin Franklin. It was actually made popular by American author Charles Augustus Goodrich in the 19th century.

Now: All the baby stuff has been cleaned and sorted and the JUNK has been either thrown away, donated or just moved out of the room. Now I'm down to the things I actually need. (The baby's side of the room is already nice and neat so I didn't bother to take a photo of that side.)
I've still got a little more to do... but I'm still pretty pleased with how far I've come with this room.
I was so excited about having my desk back that I cluttered it up making about ten new pieces of jewelry and hair pieces and pendants and all sorts of goodies!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Even though me and the husband have been married for two years I decided to cook our first Thanksgiving meal the evening before Thanksgiving. I've never done it before because my cooking skills were non-existent until earlier this year- mostly because we went the first two years of our lives together without a fridge. Try never cooking before in your life and then becoming a wife... with no fridge. Your cooking experiences with be very limited!
We spent this Thanksgiving in Tyler, TX at my aunt and uncle's house. It was a great mixture of family from my mom's side of the family and my dad's side. See, my mom's sister is married to my dad's brother and even though my parents are divorced, we're all still family- doubly. 
(FYI: That's my mom in the red shirt)

This is my adorable Aunt Alice and Uncle Wil. They we're the hosts of Thanksgiving this year.

This precious chunky fellow is 6 month old Lucas- enjoying his first Thanksgiving meal.
This is the first time I've met him! (He's my newest baby cousin, Aunt and Uncle's new grandbaby). Don't you just wanna bite those cheeks and fat legs?!
Me and Aunt and Uncle
When it was time to leave, everyone went outside and started taking random photos of anyone who would stand still long enough to have a photo taken. It was hilarious and the whole ordeal lasted for about an hour!

So how was your Thanksgiving??
Feel free to share links of your Thanksgiving blog posts in the comment section below!

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Autumn Maternity Fashion Inspiration #8

Here I am trying to squeeze in one more autumn fashion board before it's officially time to switch to winter. I've gotten a little attached to this season- it's one of the first autumn's I've experienced with cool weather and turning leaves. Here in my neck of the woods, it usually stays in the seventies-eighties and then the temperature drops suddenly in January and all the leaves just fall off the trees and then it's winter.  Please don't leave me autumn!!

Sunny Autumn Materntiy

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