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Saturday, November 3, 2012

shop appeal

Today I uploaded some better, more appealing photos of my necklaces in my Etsy shop. The original photos were dark and over-zealously edited. I decided to go for a more natural feel to better convey each pieces features. I'll upload fresh photos of the earrings next.
Victorian Steampunk Necklace
I'm also doing a happy dance because I sold my most valuable coin to date! I sold a US 1908 Half Dollar coin in "fine" condition for $121! The actual value is $147 so congrats to the buyer on getting a decent deal. Not only was that my most prized coin, but it was one of the most valuable items in my shop. I'm so excited! 
US 1908 O Barber Half Dollar antique coin
You can check out my other antique coins here. Hopefully I will be listing more next week.
 I'm so pleased with how my Victorian/Steampunk jewelry is selling- next I will be starting a line of super affordable Tibetan silver bohemian/hippie/zen inspired necklaces. I've ordered tons more jewelry making supplies and I just cant wait to get started! I'm so confident that it will do well.
If you would like to try your luck, feel free to enter my first giveaway. I'm giving away a simple pair of Victorian key earrings.
There's only 2 days left to enter! Just click the photo to get to the entry form.


  1. Hey miss, don't forget I host the shopping link up every Saturday :) I forgot you have a shop or I would've mentioned it sooner.


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