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Thursday, November 1, 2012

a very sleepy Halloween

Halloween came and went with barely a sound yesterday. We only had two trick-or-treaters and I felt pretty terrible all day.
I've been going to bed between 2am-4am every night for almost a year now and I recently decided to try a little harder to get back on track. Night before last I allowed myself to stay up late like a normally do, but wake up earlier. I learned that there is a huge difference between getting eight hours of sleep vs my usual eleven to twelve. I was absolutely miserable all day.
I tried to clean my house but found myself back on the couch after just a few minute of being active performing some effortless computer task such as checking my Etsy store, Facebook or Bloglovin'.
I decided to get dressed to run some rather unnecessary errands to boost my energy: searching for the perfect toys for our new rabbit, buying a pair of brown boots that I've been obsessively desiring for weeks now.
I felt better when I was out and about but as soon as I came home at around 6pm, I was ready to call it a day. 
I realized that I didn't take my iron supplement (which might have contributed to my fatigue) but decided not to take it  so late in the evening for fear that they would give me too much energy...
At around 11pm I got the sudden burst of energy anyway and I was ready to seize the day! Weird I know. So I wound up not going to sleep until about 3:30am... again.
See the bags under my eyes?
I slept until 11:30am this morning. Success right??? Nope. I went to the bathroom for my morning tinkle and wondered right back into the bedroom and slept for another FOUR HOURS. Now it's 5pm, my day just got started and I'm back in bed eating baby carrots, feeling the baby play womb soccer trying to muster up some energy to start dinner.
I miss morning! I miss the sunrise! I miss the cool air and misty orange sky. I miss morning snuggles with my husband... but most of all- :sigh: I miss breakfast....


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