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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh, Pinterest

Why am I thankful for Pinterest? Well, why shouldn't I be?
65 boards, 5,262 pins and 181 followers. I love Pinterest and here are 8 reasons why.

1. Recipes - there have been times when I was at a complete loss for what to cook for dinner. Never fear. Pinterest to the rescue. No more flipping through cook books, no more index cards and paper towel book marks. Now I can just browse through my board of recipes I've saved. It's like having your own customized cookbook online.

2. Saving Computer Space -  I used to save and hoard images onto my computer's hard drive: pics of cute outfits and pretty dresses, funny photos and art work. Cleaning out my files was always a very tough task. If I saved something on my computer, that means I REALLY wanted it. Now I can satisfy my compulsion to store images by pinning them on Pinterest.

3. Finding good blogs and other websites - Whenever I come across an image on Pinterest that really strikes my fancy, I often follow the link so see where it came from and to see if that site holds more goodies for me. I have found many wonderful online shops, blogs and websites this way.

4. "Slap-your-forehead-say-duh" tips and projects - I've come across some serious money saving tips and projects on Pinterest. My favorite so far has been putting a bread bag closure tab under your flip flops to secure the strap if it breaks through the sole. I buy cheap flip flops because I mostly just wear them around the house. I'm so happy I found this- plus many other "well why didn't I think of that" tips that will seriously help you in a semi-emergency.

5. DIY projects -  I love making stuff. Mostly because I'm a little on the cheap side. I can't stand spending money on something I know I can make for half the cost. Pinterest is full of super unique and often simple DIY projects that can make you feel like a frugal crafting genius.

6. Wedding blogging made easier - I have a budget wedding blog. I'm on hiatus right now from it so I can focus more on this blog. The DIY and budget wedding projects on Pinterest are so incredibly helpful and inspiring. Blogging became so much easier after I discovered Pinterest. Now that I'm hiatus from the blog, I pin inspiring wedding images and projects for my readers to view while I'm away.

7. Mock baby registry - I am super picky about my baby items. I don't like sports themed stuff for a boy and cutesy pink ruffly stuff for a girl. It's all so silly to me. People can go really overboard when they buy baby gifts. They buy what THEY think is cute, not what they think YOU'LL think is cute. I often find myself really disliking other people's baby taste so I started a board to show my specific baby style taste. I hope people pay attention.

8. Planning my Renaissance Faire - I started a separate Pinterest account for my Renaissance Faire. I found so many wonderful ideas for costuming, decorating and money saving DIY projects that helped me this year and will for sure help me in the future. I think I'm the only Renaissance Faire int he world that uses Pinterest for Faire planning... and with 41 boards, 2,564 pins and 289 followers, I think I might be one of the most popular Renaissance Faire accounts on Pinterest!

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  1. Oh man. I relate to so much of this on Pinterest. Total life saver.

    And now I am following you, of course.


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