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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A quick update

Here's what's been going on in my necks of the woods lately:
  • I've pretty much fully recovered from a recent "nesting syndrome" eye injury. The doc at the ER said I will need to follow up with an optometrist in a few days to make sure everything is healing properly. The pain a irritation is down by 99.9%  but my vision is a little off now. Blogging with one good eye really sucks- that's why my posts lately have been just little bits of this and that.
  • I'm 31 weeks pregnant now. Boy time is flying!
  • I was checking my blog traffic sources today and found this gem: "30 weeks and hate pregnancy already". Mmm... bummer. I hope my blog made them feel better?
  • I just recently uploaded nine new deliciously affordable pieces to my Etsy shop. All of my Victoria/Steampunk jewelry has sold and now I'm working on pieces that are a little more "me".
  • Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated: our bunny (Binky) stays in a rather large cage for his size. He  bathrooms in one half and chills out in the other half. He recently started to hang out in the soiled area and kicks up the dirty wood chips when he wants to get cozy but that stirs up the odors that are trapped in the chips. Now my living room smells like bunny pee pee all the time and we just cleaned his cage. I don't want to have to clean his cage everyday just so he can chillax in his own pee. Any ideas on why he's doing this and how to possibly stop it?
Binky the Bunny. He smells like pee now but isn't he gorgeous?!?!
Last but not least: I started a new giveaway last night! I'm giving away a beautiful bohemian necklace I recently purchased on Ebay just for the heck of it. The giveaway will be going on until November 25th. Just click the photo to enter!

Enter to win this amazing necklace!


  1. That necklace is gorgeous!! In fact all the ones you show there are. I'm going to have to head over your shop...And 31 weeks? Seriously, you'll be holding that baby in no time. Congrats! You're in the home stretch!

  2. Try adding baking soda to his bedding. That is the only way we can keep the stench from our rats down to a bearable amount. NEVER buy male rats! These were supposed to be females, but the pet shop lady didn't know how to sex them obviously.


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