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Friday, November 30, 2012

gimme sleep. gimme peace.

Sleep don't come easy these days. I'm eight months pregnant now and I'm finally starting to see what pregnant women have been complaining about. I wake up every two hours to tee-tee, I've been getting terrible late night back pains and gas and rolling over requires sitting upright in bed, flopping over like a beached whale and then trying to settle into a position that doesn't encourage the baby to curl up inside my rib cage.
Me and the husband both go to bed at around 2am - 3am When my husband gets up in the morning to start his day, that's when I finally go into deep sleep. I guess his absence provides me with the much needed space I need to unconsciously flop around and grunt and poot and whatever else I need to do to get comfortable. So after he gets up at around 9am, I'm settling down to put in another five hours of sleep. Yes, I wake up at about 2pm everyday now.... and let me tell ya- it sucks.
Me- desperately trying to start the day at 3:30pm
By the time I'm up and fed and dressed and make-uped and ready to run my errands, businesses are closing. And this is super bad for me because I need to ship out my Etsy stuff a few times during the week and my orders often go out late because I can't start my day at a decent time!
Now it's 3:45pm and I still need to get dressed, eat "breakfast", go the the post office, pay my car note, pick up some much needed jewelry making supplies, go grocery shopping and clean out the bunny's cage... Ugh.
I love my unborn child- I love him more than I knew was even possible, but mama's ready to get her life schedule back on track...
Ha ha! I say that, but I know that having a baby isn't going to help much with that! Oh well... Maybe I'll just hire a secretary or something.

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