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Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Etsy Store - well kind of

Off and on for the past four years I've been selling vintage clothing and other goodies in my Etsy shop. My vintage clothing stash is pretty much gone and all that's left to sell is the rest of my husband's vintage tie collection (we need the money more than he needs those ties). Here recently I've decided to take the plunge into selling new handmade jewelry, made mostly from broken and long forgotten vintage jewelry and affordable Tibetan silver charms. Adding all of those new pieces to my shop kind of took away from the antique-y feel of my store so I decided to change things up a bit.
Ooohh, aaaah, wow. 
(It used to be Dang Special's Vintage. Dang Special is a general user name I came up with in high school foe signing up to online journals, game sites, etc...and now I'm ready to give it a rest)

And because I love all three of my readers so much (hee hee) here's a nice lil' promo code for 20% off any item in the store: 20LOVE

Lotus Blossom Charm Earrings

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  1. I like the new name much better! And I have a hubby who is drooling over your coins ;)


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