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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

making way for baby pt 1

So, here's what the baby's room looked like last month. 
Yup. That's baby stuff in those bags. Loooots of baby stuff that had been given to us.
So here's what the room looked like under after taking the baby stuff away for cleaning. If you look closely you'll see my early attempts of trying to make this room an office/craft room/storage room before I really accepted the fact that I was pregnant.
So I got this far after several hours. It doesn't look like much but at least there was a clear path to get to the bathroom.

I sorted through all of those bags and picked out what I want. Then I sorted them all by size, then I had to "de-catify" everything- the previous owner of all this stuff had a cat or two... or twenty...

  I tried to sell all the stuff I didn't want but that process was taking up soooo much time and effort for very little money. So now I'm just giving them away...
After I got rid of the excess stuff I was hit by another baby donation storm! I'm so grateful for the free stuff, but I'm really ready to get started on the fun part of baby room decorating.

Here's what the room looks like now. I know you can't tell from just looking but several boxes of junk have been removed and set aside for sorting and the baby stuff has been set on top of the table to the right. The corner on the left is completely free of crappolla- thus making way for a crib. Progress!
I said, progress!

Stay tuned for what I'm gonna do next.

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  1. Hey hollie ! You know cleaning up messes can be really hard and a lot of work but its always so satisfying once its done. This post really feeded my OCD of cleaning up.


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