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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Whimsical Maternity Apparel from Zoe's Balloon

I'm in loooove...
Just in case anyone is feeling a bit generous, I wear an XL and you can email me to get my mailing address. Ok, thanks.
Black Maternity A-line Skirt . Maternity Knee Lwength Skirt . Handmade Applique Skirt . size L Skirt- Legs on the WallMaternity Knee Length Dress . Teal Blue Nursing dress . Handmade Applique Dress- Surrounded by big trees - size Small
Rust Orange Maternity Dress . V-neck Nursing Dress . Soft Stretchy Jersey Dress - Lovely Neighbors from the Woods - Size Extra LargeMaternity Knee Length Skirt . Cotton A-line Skirt . Handmade Applique Skirt- Bird on the tree -size Large

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