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Thursday, September 27, 2012

my first baby buy

Whilst running errands a couple of days ago, I went to Ross (dress for lessssss) to walk around and to sort of clear my mind. Something about low, low prices on amazing fashions relaxes me. I wondered into the baby section and found myself pretty disappointed with their selection. First of all, none of the baby clothes were sorted. Everything was mixed up: sizes, gender, season, style.... everything. Second, it seemed to be just large amounts of the same six baby garments and layettes. Third, the prices were not "dress for less" prices. I was just about to give up when a package of the cutest onsies I have ever seen crossed my line of vision. You may not think they're all that fantastic  but to me they're perfect. No footballs, no puppies or dinosaurs, no tractors or any gender specific crap that I loathe. Just simple cuteness. And the best part? $9.99 marked down from $26.99. Now THAT floats my boat!
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