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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

alive and kicking

I'm here. I'm still alive!

So in case you missed my last post I wrote around Easter, my family was evicted from our home (read the story here) and we moved in with my mom. We have plenty of space here- more than we had before so it's actually working out just fine.

So here's some goooood news. 

My husband was hired by a company months ago but they weren't able to put him on the schedule until recently. The company sends out guys to retrofit public outdoor lighting with LEDs all over the country. He left for Iowa a couple days ago and then he'll be headed to Missouri, then Pennsylvania. He'll be gone for five weeks. Sigh.

BUT the job pays double what he was making at his previous job so YAY!

Next round of good news. We have a home to move into!!!
The pastor of a little home church I used to go to and his wife moved to New York so they've been renting out their old house to friends in Texarkana (where we lived before we were evicted). I posted on Facebook that we were looking for a house to rent and they got in touch with me.
The house has suffered some terrible water damage from a burst water pipe this winter but the water company and their insurance should cover that. So with that being said, unlike the other house we were trying to fix up to move in to WE don't have to fix this one up!
I hear tale there's talks of selling the house and I'm all up for buying it! The house is massive and affordable and I hope it works out! We won't be able to move in probably for a couple months but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!!!

So with all that being said. Me and the husband's 8th wedding anniversary is today. Since he'd be out of town for it, we did out celebrating Saturday. We went to our town's annual wine fest and then dined out at a swanky Italian restaurant downtown (Thank God for tax returns). I know our outing doesn't sound very fancy, but we did it all... without kids!
Qué romántico!

So here's a few shots I took from the festival. 

Local artist Joel Wright.

The lady above is Chris Thomas and her son. Chris was one of the first vendors we ever had at the renaissance faire and I've been following her work and running into her at other festivals for years now.

Here's some of her goodies above. I bought this great fish necklace from her but I broke it already!! BOO!
I went to show it to my mom that night and I dropped it on the tile floor. It's in 3 pieces, it should be an easy fix but darn it. Whyyyyyy????!?!

I also got this hand-painted clown tile brooch from another local artist Polly Cook. Can't you tell my husband took this photo? Was the camera out of focus or am I just a naturally blurry person?... like Big Foot.

Here's a closer pic of it from Instagram.

Some of Polly's work...

And Polly with her work.

And me with my complimentary "wine garden" swag.

Poor woman's outfit: Dress, Ross Dress for Less $8.99 and sunglasses $3.99? Jacket thingy, gift from mom.

So while I'm here at my ma's, I'm still blogging over at Quirky Bohemian Mama, still keeping up with my "mini Bohemian Bazaar" at the flea market in Texarkana and still doing my social media management thing and still homeschooling... poorly.

We will be putting River back in school for Kindergarten in the fall and I'll do Cedar's preschool from home. Even though my husband will be making significantly more money, I will continue to do all that I can to bring in even more money.

I don't ever want to be poor again!


  1. No, you're beautiful, not blurry! Good luck with the move. It sounds like God is blessing you with a new start. 😊

  2. So nothing much has been happening...Yikes!!! After all that it sounds like you're all on an upswing. Amazing grace, Hollie. And you look festive too.

  3. Holy crap! I can't believe I missed that previous post, Hollie. So sorry to hear about everything that went down.:( I'm so glad things are picking up now with your hubby's new job and finding a place to stay. I cn only imagine how stressful the whole thing was.
    On a lighter side, this festival y'all went to looked great. I love seeing all the art work.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that things are turning around for you. Excellent on your husband's new job!


  5. awesome for the good news. Although it sucks that your husband has to be gone. Great new about the house!

  6. I'm cheering for this turnaround!! Whew. I'm happy for you both. Looks like a fun day out to unwind. Now glue that fish back together! Hahaha!!

  7. I'm glad to read that things are on the up for you! Happy 8th Anniversary! Oops about the fish ... xxx

  8. I love that things are on the up & up!!!

  9. You look so beautiful, Holly! I'm so glad to read that things are working out for you and the family. Happy 8th! xxx

  10. I'm so Happy for you, all that great news! Of coarse the traveling thing is difficult, The Man was Career Military so we endured a lot of time apart too. Happy 8th Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day!

  11. You are beautiful! So is your blog! I love it.

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