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Thursday, April 10, 2014

but it's not a lot...

Wow it's been seven whole days since my last blog post. I usually read the blogs I'm following after I make a post, but since I haven't posted in a week that means I've missed 95 of your posts. 95?? Sheesh. What could you people possibly be up to out there?!?! 
So what have I been up to? Well, I cleaned my bathroom for the first time since Halloween. No lie. Now it's all pretty and sparkly and smelling oh-so nice. I have no idea how I let that much time pass between cleanings. 
The photo coming up is pretty irrelevant to anything I'm going to talk about - I just want to share with you this poster I have above the toilet. Isn't it fitting?? Flush art?
 Naruto Whirlpool by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1853
I've been doing tons of faire work daily and this requires me to be in front of my laptop for hoooours as day. Often times I find myself getting a too riled up realizing all the things that need to be handled between now and October. I know that seems like a decent enough time to plan a renaissance faire but I've got a baby coming this summer so I've got to get as much done as possible. 
Sometimes I just need to step away and take a little breaky-poo.
Strolling around clearance shopping and shopping for 99 cent jewelry on Ebay has become my favorite things to do during a break. The other day at K-Mart I found these nail polishes super duper marked down for 78 cents each. The lime green rocks my world AND it's long lasting. I've gone since Sunday with barely a chiparoo.
I got this great necklace and and owl ring for 99 cents each on eBay. There's more jewelry to show but it didn't come in until after I started this post. 

Yesterday at Salvation Army I got this great handmade kid's blanket for River. It looks so fresh and new - I don't think it's ever been used.

 I got  two pairs of suspenders to add to the husband's man-ccessories collection. Now that he's starting to care a little bit more about fashion I can finally buy him the things I would wear if I were a dude.
 And lastly I got this great Southwestern themed cotton handkerchief... that I accidentally ripped after hastily tearing the price tag off to get this photo. Boo!
Well, the number of unread blog posts is now up to 102 on Bloglovin' and I gotta get back to work...
So I'm going to go away now.... ADIOS!!


  1. I love your Japanese print above the toilet! Perfect. And great finds thrifting about too. I was on a 99 cent kick for scarves from China on ebay for a while - with free shipping! Just make sure you go for the sellers with a decent rating. And be patient - you know, the slow ship from China applies here.

    1. Yes ma'am. I'm a "99 cent jewelry from China" expert now. I'm totally willing to wait a month a great necklace! I'd say about 90% of all my jewelry are the cheapo China finds on eBay.

  2. Probably the best thing to do at this point is marked all posts as read and start fresh. No guilt. I love all your bits and bites here, especially the opaque nail polish. Carry on.

  3. I know, I know. I work all weekend and try to have a social life and those posts keep on coming. I usually do like you do, post and catch up with comments. I can't not, it feels so rude not to - but in the case of the daily posters I just comment on their latest blog post and not the 5 I've missed.
    The bathroom looks ace, love the print. River's blanket is cool and loving that owl ring. xxx

  4. Well you don't have to worry about me because I can't get my a** in gear to post lately. Gosh. I guess I should go clean the bathroom since I have all this blog free time. Awesome stash 'o stuff. Flush Art. Love!!

  5. You have loads going on, I agree with Melanie, start afresh! and the cleaning! it's not something I ever get excited about in ours (ours-our house, it's my scouse dialect, I should speak properly, haha!) great stash there and your clown freaked me out hehe! x x x

  6. I love the flush art!!! You got some great picks!!! I agree on skipping posts--blog reading is fun, not an assignment :)

  7. 99cent jewelry? (I just can't, later, later)

  8. Fantabulous finds!
    That necklace with the leaves I've seen it before in shops, for way more than 99c, trust me.
    The nail polish was a great find too, and the price, how can you say no to such bargains?
    that galaxy fabric would make a wonderful dress :D

  9. Lots of cool stuff. I think my favorite is the owl ring (and the clean bathroom. Since October? Really?).

  10. The galaxy print blanket for River is far out (see what I did there?!). And the owl ring is a hoot. The nail polish? I'm (lime) green with envy over that find.

  11. Oooh you have a beautiful bathroom! I love the poster above the loo, I have The Great Wave, but on leggings, so not quite the same, but still awesome;). Why are cheap polishes long-lasting? I refuse to pay more than $2 for a polish now as they're such a disposable cosmetic, cheap and come in the best colours like your GREEN!!!! Hope you're feeling well lovely. xoxooxox

  12. Haha I know what you mean regarding the cleaning up thing... two dasy ago i cleaned my kitchen for the first time in two months, it was SO much work. I should try to remember that it's less work to give it a sweep here and a wipe there once a week or so...

    Oh and I love the space blanket for River! :D

  13. What a CUTE post :) and your blog is so fab and fun.

    Check out my new post....How you decorate a small space to look bigger :)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  14. Really cute finds!! I love your bathroom it's so dark ..just how i like my bathroom's lmao.

  15. welcome back! missed reading about you too. cute polish. i wish i could paint my nails better than i do.


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