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Saturday, March 16, 2013

what's going on? Hm?

So here's a little lookie loo at my week.
What we've been drinking:
What I've been cooking:
(That WAS turkey bacon and that WAS a new pan)
Mega loaded nachos!
ground pork sausage, re-fried beans, baby bella mushrooms, green onions, shredded cheese and black olives. After I cooked them I topped them with dried cilantro, sour cream and chipoltle sauce.
What I've been crafting:
My head wreath for my fairy costume. I'm still not done. I want it to be outrageously huge and colorful and I' not going to stop adding stuff to it until I just can't fit it on my head anymore.
What I bought:
Vintage doilies found at a flea market for $1 a piece
Aaaand this Raring 20s record for .50 at Goodwill. I think I'm the only person who still buys vinyl in this town. I don't buy it to be cool or different, I buy it because it's cheap music.

What I sold on Etsy:

1855 first edition Song of Hiawatha

1855 first edition Song of Hiawatha
I've had this book listed for almost a year! It came from my husbands's expansive antique book collection. We discovered it was worth a pretty penny and it would serve us better as a money maker than a collector's item. You know what I mean?
1855 first edition Song of Hiawatha
What River's up to:
Mesmerized by a ribbon mobile I rigged up...

...playing with mama...

...and being adorable.

What we've been wearing:
Oversized hand-me-down Star Wars tee and flannel pajama pants...
Stripes and plaid...
polkadots, polkadots and a silly grin.

So what strange and wonderful things have YOU been up to lately?


  1. River is just gorgeous - I love the photo of him looking up at the mobile. The fairy costume sounds great and I like your thoughts about making the head wreath as big as possible. Vinyl is wonderful, nothing sounds like it.

  2. I didn't realise people sold antique books on Etsy, I always assumed that you had to go to Ebay! I'll have to go check that out.

  3. too cool. all of it. River is adorable. i bet you are having so much fun with him. i like the heels you have on your shoe shelf :)

  4. That's a magnificent wreath!
    I really, really want nachos now...........X

  5. I love the view from your bed, I spy so many goodies I want to raid:). OK now they HAVE to be the best ever nachos I have EVER seen and I bet they tasted plenty good to! I have a floral headband I made that has SOOOOOOO many flowers on it that I can't balance it on my head! Lesson learned ... I should have made a crown like yours instead. Love it and that sweet chubby bundle of gorgeousness!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  6. My gourd, that baby is the spitting image of you! He's is just so beautiful! I LOVE your floral headpiece. I have made several and now I am inspired to make the biggest, most ridiculous one ever... maybe I'll come over and fairy up with you!

    Sarah xxx (SARAH - THAT'S ME - THAT'S MY NAME!)

  7. I had to show my husband this picture of you & then your son. It's crazy how much the little guy looks EXACTLY like you!

    miya from xoxo

  8. You have a very busy, creative, yummy, well hydrate, well read and well dance-vinyl-style week.
    Baby River is such a handsome dude!


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