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Friday, March 8, 2013

a fairy in the making

It's Faire time! And by that I mean... it's time to go back to work. I finally set the dates of my faire to be October 4th-6th and now it's time to update applications and contracts and start boogying. It's been a lovely five month break from work but I've actually been pretty anxious to do something besides changing diapers, washing dishes and cooking dinner. No one likes paperwork and legal hooplah but I'm actually finding going back to work quite refreshing.
This year at the faire instead of being big bad regal queenly Hollie, I'm going to put myself to work... as a fairy. Yup. I started working on the costume yesterday as a way to get rid of some scrap fabric and ribbon but I actually ran out of materials so the costume isn't finished. When I'm done it should be even more colorful with flowers and feathers and leaves and sparkly stuff- and of course pointy ears and giant cellophane wings.
The headpiece is going to be crazy awesome and way bigger.
I would LOVE to have something like this:
Purple Rainbow Rainbow Feather Mohawk with by BubblesAndFrown,
Just in case you're interested, here's my Pinterest board I've been using for the inspiration for this costume.

But wait! There's more!
This second costume is for an imp character.This is for a character names Danhikins that I would actually like to play at other faires. Danhikins is a mischievous imp that plays the djembe and hands out rubber bugs and snakes to kids. This is a more physical role that will require a lot of perching on random objects, tree climbing and creeping about. I gained a lot f weight and lost a lot of my flexibly during pregnancy so now that it's been almost seven weeks since my c-section, I'm going to get back to work on getting in shape. 
No body wants to see a 200 pound jiggly imp climbing a tree... 
I had a lot of white a cream colored fabric that I had no plans for so I dyed it with tea we have no intentions of drinking. There was tons of black tea leftover from the Valentines day ball and some yucky cheap Earl Grey too that I was glad to  get rid of.  This costume is still a work in progress as well.
I finally found the discs that had the better quality 2012 faire photos taken by my friend so here's a few for ya. Enjoy

OK, this last photo is kind of funny. These people contacted me saying they wanted to be a part of my faire. I was like ok, that's cool come on down. I didn't hear from them for months and then they just popped up all of a sudden at the faire dressed as the king and queen of my faire! At first I wasn't too thrilled with being knocked off my throne by a couple of strangers an but then I thought- "hm... a king and queen eh? I'm going to go hide and rest my feet! Bye! You guys have fun!"


  1. Love your costume, but that's a bit rude, turning up at your faire as the king and queen.

  2. Wow, what you do sounds intriguing. So you run and design costumes for a medieval fair of your own devising? If you have a website or link that explains the faire, I'd love to see it. So nice that you are excited about returning to work and being creative. :) xoxo

    1. Hey there! I own and direct the faire. This is our second year and I would like to contribute to it as entertainment as well! Here's the link to the site for the faire

  3. You are the awesomest of awesometown!!!!!!!!
    big hugs

  4. You look so happy and of course Queen-like!
    Everyone is certainly well dress for court and soft fights.

  5. I want to come and play with you! x

  6. What fun!!! I love the pic of the lady with the horse, having a lovely moment.

    Sarah xxx


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