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Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day- all up in yo face and stuff

It's St Patrick's Day homies.
My camera is dead. It will not charge... again I. Am. Sad.
The plan was to put on some outrageous green outfits, get all wacky like we always do and capture the moments with my camera... but I have no camera.
 I am so bummed out. I was super ready to green and weird. 
Ah, but wait! We still can!
Webcam time!
 Tonight we're going to Starbucks to watch O'Malley's Prayer play. O'Malley's Prayer is an Irish band me and my husband used to be in. We all started off as a belly dance/drum circle tribe and then we some how evolved into an Irish band. Go figure. Me and the husband quit the band last year over er, "artistic differences" but we're still good friends with the other band members.
What are your St Patrick's day plans??
PS. Worried about the Google Reader shutdown? Don't be! You can still follow me on Bloglovin' here!


  1. You are sooo talented and mysterious :) In a band, huh? I'd love to see pics from those days! You hubby is a treasure, cherish him!!!! I wish mine would play with me like that. I so need a girlfriend, or a gay. Either one, though I'd pick gay every time...
    super big hugs!!!

  2. Followed. Thanks for making it easy.

  3. That first photo is awesome! Haha. And I love the green get-ups, you look so cute. You guys are silly!

  4. haha you two are crazy and cute!

    -Miya from


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