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Monday, March 18, 2013

peek-a-boo funk

The weather here is bizarre! Bundled up in blankets in the morning, air conditioner on during the day and turning the heater on at night. What sucks so much about this is that no one informed me that your BO factor will increase ten fold after you have a baby. Being the dirty hippie I am, I don't mind skipping a shower or two but now-a-days it's impossible. I smell like elephant butt all the time. If I'm not changing clothes three times a day from baby spit up and pee pee accidents, then I'm changing clothes from the excessive sweating and the wild onion smell coming from my pits.
old photo
So I'm camera-less right now. It refuses to charge for some strange reason and the memory card is missing from my backup camera (and the other 6 cameras in the house, yes 6, don't work). I ordered a new battery and memory card for the cameras but they won't be here until later this week. I hope I can survive. 
My Etsy store was darn near wiped out from a gloriously large order last month and I have yet to take photos of my new items to list. Now that I'm ready I have no way to do it. How sucky is that?
Well, while I wait for my camera necessities to come in, here's a questionable self portrait taken about five years ago.

In case your're wondering ,my tattoo says "Make Yourself" as in the Incubus album and song. It's for sure my personal motto.
Also, I didn't realize that half of the items in my Etsy store had expired. Now that it's all been re-listed shall I pimp a wee bit of what's for sale?
A Piece of Peace Necklace

Happy Hands Earrings

Hamsa Charm Earrings


  1. Ha BO!!! You want to know a little gross trick?? I don't use deodorant and if I start to stink during the day, but don't have time for a full shower, I take some rubbing alcohol and cotton wipes and clean my pits!!! Then change shirts, of course.
    Love the name River!
    NIce to meet ya',
    Becky :)

  2. Hi Hollie. Nice to meet ya! Your blog looks interesting. So does your unusual life!

  3. You create quite an aura for yourself in that first paragraph! Weather seems to be weird everywhere this year, but we've been lucky so far.

    You'd kind of think Etsy might warn you when your listings are about to expire, but they don't do it. Then they charge you more to re-list them! Bastards!

    Good luck with the shop, and the new stuff for the camera!

  4. LOVE that tattoo Hollie! I feel your funk right now...the weather here has been crap but on the cold side of things. Blizzarding snow now all week long and it's supposed to be spring soon..bah, I definitely have skipped a shower too with not even being able to leave the house :-)

  5. great images! Incubus Huh? You're my kind of chick ;)
    Love the loot, off to take a peek!


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