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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

special goods with an itty bitty rant

Ok. Here's my rant. Ready? Here goes- I'll keep it brief.
A buyer left me negative feedback on Etsy. Ok, so what's the big deal?
I've been buying and selling on Etsy for over five years now and I have 100% positive feedback rating. 
A buyer RUINED my rating because she was impatient about getting her package!! I'm so steamed about this!! Ugh, I could go on about how frustrating this is forever but that's not going to fix the issue so I'm going to move on  and show you folks what awesome online deals I've scored lately.
I've been wanting a piece of jewelry featuring a creature in resin forever. I finally took the time to search on Etsy and found a shop (UrbanRiot) selling these crazy yellow desert scorpion necklaces for $1.50 each! YAY!! I'm going to glam it up by putting it on a pretty beaded necklace or something like that. I can't wait to get it in.
Now I've got my eye on this beauty!
I'm gross, I know.
Real spider necklace
And these. Can you guess what these are?
I'll give you a hint:
HAHAHA! It's true! They're Indonesian ear weights!!
Lemme explain - my ears are only stretched to 0ga but I would like to go up to half an inch. (That's really not  as big as you think). I've been trying to stretch my lobes to go up to 00ga but it hurts like hell and I don't want to tear my lobes off and have them flapping in the wind behind me like an old hound dog. So I'm going to slowly stretch my lobes by using this ancient and primitive method.
Trust me, I'll stop before I start to look like... that. 
Anywho, I found these ear weights on Ebay for $17! Just a few minutes before I bought them I was looking at a similar pair on a different site $66. It's a no-brainer which pair to buy right?
photo taken a few months back.  See, my lobes aren't freaky, are they?


  1. Not sure how I feel about the extended lobes, but hey, it's not for me to judge. And if you want to wear bugs in resin, well, that's a good place for them.

    I can sort of relate to the Etsy rant. I have very little turnover, but twice I've gone out of my way to send things Priority so they would get there quicker, and I even followed up by email and never heard a word from the customers. They never even left a note in the feedback. Makes you wonder why you bother, huh?

  2. Was it a US order? If it was you should have a free tracking number. Did you mail it in a timely manner... The whole 'ships within' time frame bit. If you can prove you did those two things then maybe take it up with Etsy to prove you did your bit within the given time frame and it was the mail that was slow or buyer had unrealistic expectations. Maybe they can ask the buyer to reconsider or delete the negative feedback. Worth a try??
    The ear weights look cool. If they didn't stretch my ears I'd want to wear them lolzzzz
    Becky :)

  3. Hollie, you are brave! I can't do anything else but have 3 small earring holes in each ear!
    I'm so sorry about that idiotic Etsy customer. Some people don't understand that your business reputation is important and instead of thinking on how their words and actions are going to affect others they just act like silly brats having a tantrum.

  4. twatting etsy bitch. send her evil vibes, that sort of thing really annoys me. vomiting over the spider, any other creature would be ok, but loving the ear weights

  5. Ok, I'll be honest .. this post made my skin crawl a bit! Its a drag about the buyer ruining your perfect feedback record.


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