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Saturday, February 23, 2013


This evening me and the husband dropped the baby off with his aunt and went out for some sushi for the first time in months. Boy oh boy was I ready to get out and do something!
There's a ghost orb on my face. Ooooohhhh spooky monkey.
What I wore:
Knit cap and boots: local beauty supply store
Stripe shirt: Old Navy
Tank underneath and jeggings: Walmart

 I had sake for the fist time in forever! It was waaaaaaarm and wonderful. Since I abstained from alcohol for nine months the sake hit me kind of hard and fast...aaand  it didn't help much that I felt obligated to finish off the bottle before we left.  Waste not want not, right?

I also had fresh octopus for the first time. This was a very important event for me because the first time I had octopus it was old and stretchy and the taste was unbelievably terrible. I needed to get that horrific memory out of my head and having fresh octopus did the trick.

When we got home, we could have sat and had a nice quiet evening together while the baby was away but I was starting to get very antsy about being away from him for so long. 
Our little date was brief but totally refreshing. Maybe for our next date we'll get to take those underwater knitting lessons we've always wanted to take. Heh... kidding.
Or am I?


  1. You look so cute with the red hat! I love red hats! :)

  2. Yum, sushi. Love it. I like your outfit, especially that patterned tank top that looks like a mini dress. And I always love the bonus shots of baby boy <3

  3. You look great in your creative outfit!! How refreshing that must have been to go out together like that. But I bet you were thinking about your little guy the entire time!?

  4. Totally great pictures! I love your outfit, love the name of the sake, and the little boy is so cute!!

  5. I really, really wish I liked sushi! It just looks so enticing!
    Glad that you all got to have a date night, and I'm loving that beanie. I've been trying to find a red in forever. I need to just make one! But by the time I get to it, it will probably be warm here!

  6. We had our first night out just the two of us since the birth on Friday. Though we did have my babysitting friends texting photos all the time! Your baby is super lovely btw!

  7. Date night is very important even if its brief!
    You and your husband look so cute together and you are braver than me to have fresh octopus!!!!!!

  8. OOOOO, I am drooling over your meal! YUMMO! Japanese food rocks!
    It's so important to have a regular date night, kids or no kids! Gotta stay on track.
    You are so cute in that cap, red is totally your colour! X

  9. Good for you for getting out; you look great! I am envious of your drinking sake - I can't wait to have some vino! Your little man is so lovely. Xo

  10. ooo, I don't know why I'm so funny when it comes to asian cuisine of any kind lol.
    It's great that you both got a chance to get out and spend quality time together. It is very important to spend time alone with your husband when you have a baby!
    Baby boy is so adorable!

  11. You are such a lovely family :)
    Oh! Before I forget, the picture on your sidebar of the military tunic and the skull, where is that from?


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