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Saturday, February 16, 2013

in the... bedroom...

Sunlight was pouring into our bedroom in a very sentimental mommy blogger kind of way. Blah, blah, blah, lovely. So now that I've said that I think I'm supposed to talk about how the sun beaming through the window made me feel and then follow that up by quoting some poetry or a some song lyrics. 
I'm not going to do that. Why? Because that's not my style and abundant sunlight in our bedroom means only one thing to me...
Allow me to narrate: Ahem.
So this is me au naturel in my delightfully mismatched clothes.
Left: Ralph Steadman "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" poster. It was on our Amazon wedding registry and someone actually got it for us. 
Right: Photo of me and the husband at our wedding reception
 Baby River, pitching a fit because I wouldn't pick him up.
Mama gave in.
 This is my "I don't have anywhere to put this stuff" board. I made it by gluing fabric to a vintage picture frame.
 Left: What's Boxtree? Boxtree is a band I was in about six years ago. Those are some buttons I made for us.
Right: I can't stand empty picture frames, so if I have nothing to put in them, I'll make my own art.
Bonus Photos
Remember that band I mentioned? Boxtree. Well here's us in 2006. Can you guess which one is me? Can you find me??? Stop laughing. 
And here's us having a little reunion at my wedding reception in 2010.
Super extra bonus:
Hopelessly single me wound up marrying our cello player's big brother just four years later. Cute no?
Join a band. Find a man.


  1. Such a lovely little peek into your world!!!
    I say SCHWING to being in a band and finding the man of your dreams! How divoon! Boxtree is a great name for a band. Are there any recordings around for the listening?!
    Fear and Loathing is one of my fave books EVER! Ralph Steadman's artwork is hiariously on the money.

  2. Music, love, baby, sunlight and your own art: it sounds better than any Gwen album!

  3. You are so cool! And the baby has got your pipes, huh!

    I think I found you in the pictures - there's only two people without beards so you must be one of those. ;o)

  4. I love your art, do more, show us more. Awsome nonchalant look you're giving at your reception and you look super cool in that band


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