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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2nd week: polka dots, plaid, argyle and stripes

Here it is: a week of photos. Well, actually this is just a few photos from our second week as a three-person family. There are tons of photos to share, so I'll just break the post down into sections. Soooo, here's the first part. Enjooooooooy.
I made my first real public appearance this week ! Despite getting only five broken hours of sleep I was desperate to get out of the house. I didn't really plan this outfit for the occasion, I just grabbed some comfortable clothing that wouldn't press into my still healing c-section incision and tender sagging belly.
Jacket: Old Navy, thrifted for husband
Tank: Walmart
Skirt: Old dress cut with top cut off for maternity comfort
Leggins: Etsy
Boots: Local beauty supply store
Scarf: Ross Dress for Less (old)
no shame in being a lil' odd
I've never seen anyone wear plain white leggings before. They kinda look like thermal underwear, no? But I'm so proud that I made it through the evening without getting a drop of baby tinkle or formula on them.
All three of us went to a small "surprise birthday" party for our good buddy Dylan (top right). He and his wife just had a baby and the party's hosts have kids too. Once upon a time it used to make me extremely uncomfortable to attend a party that included babies and kiddos. I thought it was super uncool to bring a kid to a party (because I'm not too crazy about kids). Now I'm like, "A party and kids are allowed? Yahoo! I can get out of the house!"
That night I changed into my favorite pajama pants and BOOM! Pattern explosion! With the baby wearing argyle that just made this lounging ensemble a little bit more awesome. 
What's cool? the ladies of our church have been bringing us dinner every other day since we got home from the hospital. One lady made us sun dried tomato crusted chicken, green beans, risotto and a coconut lime pie. Mm, mm dang good! Sure beats the heck out of canned soup, PB&J and waffles (which is what we eat when the leftovers run out).

Here's what our little one is looking like these days. I just can't capture his true beauty with this darn camera. I have to use a flash to get decent photos of him and it always snaps the very beginning of a terrible grimace. I feel bad using a flash on him like that but I need photos!! I hope he'll forgive me some day.

I haven't read a bit of fiction since I got pregnant.  I have to keep these books close by at all times because there's so much about babies that I didn't know I didn't know. You know what I mean?

Unfortunately we're having trouble breastfeeding. I wasn't expecting that at all. See, that's one of those things I was completely unaware of. I thought you just put the baby to your booby and there ya go. Nope. The poor thing won't latch on so I've been pumping (and getting very little milk) and supplementing with formula. Last night he latched on a ate for the first time ever and I was so proud but then I went to pump the rest of my milk out only to discover both of my nipples are cracked open. That's a whole new kind of pain and it looks terrible! I haven't been able to pump at all today and I hate that so much. I want my baby to get good booby juice- not yucky old formula.
Speaking of hate, I'm pretty sure our house bunny hates us now. We used to let him out every evening to roam around the living room but now we just don't have the time. He needs to be supervised while he's out (he has a thing for electrical cords and my record collection) but we're just too busy. Sorry bunny. :(
So this concludes Part One of our second week. Stay tuned for Part Two where we give Baby River his first lesson in deep sea diving... I'm totally kidding!
We took him bungee jumping.


  1. We had HELL the first two weeks of breastfeeding! He would get so frustrated and wouldn't even try to latch. We had to use a nipple shield (life saver!) for a few days while he got the hang of actually sucking on something. We would try each nursing session without it, and if he wouldn't try the real nipple, we'd put the shield on. It eventually got to where he would try for my nipple more and more each time - to where we didn't even use it anymore. It was like a light switch! We all of a sudden had no more problems and it's been cake ever since. GOOD LUCK! It's so hard in the beginning but so so so rewarding. It is my favorite time of the day and I love being the only one who can feed him. :P (I have trouble handing him to grandma's)

  2. You look happy and baby is gorgeous! Sarah xxx

  3. Oh my, your Binky is adorable. I always feel bad keeping Bob in as he feels so hard done by, but sometimes it's got to be done.

  4. You have a very busy couple of weeks! Glad to see you u and about having fun with friends and spending time with gorgeous baby boy!
    Bunny understand, he probably came from a large family!

  5. River's looking pretty gorgeous, like his personality is already there. I've heard a lot of women have had trouble with breast-feeding. I guess you just have to be patient (easy for ME to say).

  6. You had me at plaid/argyle/stripes. Congrats on your beautiful healthy baby!

  7. woooo! for getting out and looking wicked. Yes to thermal undies, I love them. I love your pattern mash up too! Now you've got a baby you can make him wear whatever you like, he's in your power... apart from the boob thing xxxx


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