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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

fightin' the blues

I got the blues. Yup the weepy, mood swingin', sleep deprived "baby blues" (postpartum depression's less threatening cousin). It's a pain in my butt because I like to be happy and STAY happy. I've become very clingy to my husband and I absolutely hate being alone (a sleeping newborn isn't much company). I've been trying to chase the blues away by taking fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin D and large doses of Bob's Burgers on Netfllix. I feel a little better today and I hope and pray that this little grey cloud will continue to roll away. So to celebrate my slight improvement in mood I decided to make a board of some blue goodies I'm lusting after right now.

"the blues" by hollie-black-ramsey on Polyvore

#1. Space plugs by mysticmetalsorganics on Etsy- now that I'm working my way up to 00ga, I'll finally be able to wear more detailed plugs. Me is excited. Dig it: this seller has a pair of plugs featuring a photo of a delicious breakfast - those are one my lust list as well.

#2. Handbag from - Unfortunately I don't know anything about this bag because you have to register on the website to look at the items (bummer) but I know that I want this bag to belong to me. Right now.

#3. Starry tights from The Pea's Knees - Aren't these adorable?!?! That's all I have to say.

#4. Blue Turntable! - I need a new record player so bad. The one I own now was rescued by my mom at the school she worked at. A teacher was about to throw away a gently used school issued record player for no reason. The record player has been in my possession for four years and now and it's worn out! My records sound like they were recorded underwater. Yup- time for a new one. The one in the photo is from Sears for $160 but I found you can get the same one from Mod Cloth for $110.

#5. Blue chunky heels from - I own an awful lot of heels for someone who never wears them. My feet are flat and wide like Fred Flintstone and wearing them for more than just a couple of hours is sour balls. But looking at my heel collection I've realized... I have a terrible habit of buying blue heels. I don't know why. Maybe I'll make that my trademark: blue heels... and a limp.

So, now it's time to bathe and change my bandages. If anyone wants to er... you know... buy me anything... from this list... just let me know. Heh, just kidding.
Or am I?


  1. oh i adore everything in blue. <3
    fabulous finds. those shoes are amazing!<3

    hope you`re feeling better ^^<3


  2. Bright tights covered in stars are going to lift anyone's day!!!! They're utterly gorgeous and I do hope you find a pair coz then you can admire your starry bright legs even when you're having a yuk day - trust me!! xoxoxoxo

  3. The tights are fantastic and they come in so many other colors (thanks for the link).
    I pray that the blues go away and maybe lay back into Robert Johnson guitar and you purple haze disappears into the Milky Way.

  4. Those tights are the cutest!! Just keep pondering over those pretty things you desire. The moods will subside. You've just been through a major ordeal! I think sometimes we forget just how major it truly is.

  5. I hope you're feeling ok, sounds like you're staying positive, you know you're getting better when the downs are shorter. I think to cheer yourself up you NEED that record player, my god it's gorgeous and a bargain too!B

  6. What a pretty collection of blue beauties! I may just need those tights in my life. So sorry you are feeling icky these days...I was there in and out too after my last pregnancy. It can be such an adjustment and hormones certainly don't help the matter...but it does eventually pass :-) Wishing your blues be chased away real soon. xo Marisa


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