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Saturday, January 12, 2013

let me fall out the window with confetti in my hair...

I'm in a Tom Waits mood.
Sitting here waiting for this baby to come has got me feeling a little down. I can't get around much, I can't go anywhere, I'm achy, blah, blah, blah.
Tom Waits' music has a strange way of lifting me up without making me brim over though. 
The tone of every song I have of his says to me, "Cheer up kid. I've been through worse."
Tom Waits
Listening to Tom Waits right now is reminding me of a crazy story:
A couple of years ago my nine month old great dane named Tesla Coil went bonkers and ate everything black that was in sight while we were away at church.
She ate my husband's black wool pea coat, a pair of black leather dress shoes, a brand new pair of black sneakers, a black leather belt and my favorite crushable Tom Waits-ish black felt fedora....
That was the first time she had ever been left alone for more than just a few minutes-
Separation anxiety can make a dog do some terrible things...
Fashion snacks for a lonely dog.

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  1. I will definitely give that Tom Waites song a listen when I get home from work (which where I do most of my blog reading). It's freezing here, always makes me thing of Diamonds On My Windsheild - great song. xxx


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