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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mama tried to warn me.

My mom's a pretty glamorous woman. You'll NEVER catch her in public without makeup and if she goes out in public wearing less than her best, well- you're not going to see her because she's not going to get out of the car. She's not beauty or age obsessed- she's just in the habit of looking good.
When I was about 21, I moved back in with my parents and that's when I started to feel the heat about my appearance. My mom didn't care about what I wore- I've always dressed offbeat and she knows that's just me... but makeup... oh boy.
Have you ever been yelled at by your mom for not wearing lipstick?
Have you ever gotten into an argument with your mother because you didn't want to fill in your eyebrows?!
This was a daily part of life for me. Can you imagine rumbling with your mother everyday because you weren't wearing enough makeup??
Well, today at aged 27, I now see why my mom was riding my back all the time.
I was just messing around taking photos before going to Target to pick up a few baby items....

Then I put on some make up and took a couple more shots- just passing the time waiting around for my husband...
Big friggin' difference. I've NEVER noticed this before.
Now- to further explain, I am a makeup wearer- but I'm not going to get all gussied up just to go run to the Dollar General to pick up some milk. It's just not worth it to me... (especially not these days at nine months pregnant).  But if I'm going to make the effort to get dressed, then I'm going to get dressed, you know what I mean? It never takes me more than ten minutes to put on a full face of makeup but sometimes I just don't feel like it.
I'm not really sure how I feel about this new discovery- the difference between me in no makeup vs me all dolled up. For a minute there my confidence was a little shaken and I was a tad bit embarrassed (even remorseful) about all the times I've gone out in public makeup-free... I even showed the before and after photos to my husband with tears in my eyes trying not to cry over how awful I felt I looked in the "before" photo.
I know I'm not monstrously hideous without makeup but I do acknowledge that I look better with it...
I've decided that I'm not going to lose sleep over this issue...
(**wails**) NOW TELL ME I'M PRETTY!!
Hee hee, just kidding.
So how do YOU feel about makeup? 
I'm due today. Don't get too excited though- I'm not showing any signs of going into labor any time soon. I think it'll probably be another week.
  Another loooooong boring week.
Until then... let's get weird.


  1. I think you look good in both pictures. Make-up is cools and serves it purposes but it has never been an essential for me. I have it but only wear it if I'm going some where nice.

  2. The only time I ever leave the house without full makeup is to exercise, and then I'm in hat and dark glasses. Because I'm a frickin diva! You are beautiful with or without. Sarah xxx PS I'll send you my first born, three alpacas and a kilo of chocolate if you remove the awful Word Verification from comments. It's so awful and you won't get spam without it - promise!!

    1. word verification is super annoying. I have to do it myself when I reply to a comment on my own blog. But if you've never seen spam without it then I'm going to take it off right now.... er, after I finish my croissant.

  3. I love make up!! you look great with or without, if a little fed up. Hurry up baby! Not long now surely? xxx

  4. I love make up on other people. I never wear it myself, I only wear and own lip gloss. My mother never wore it and the few times I wore it in JR High she gave me a side ways look (close to the hairy eyeball) BTW_come on and give us a baby!!!!

  5. You look great either way. :) I'm a lazy mare, so mostly I don't bother for day to day stuff, but, like you, I have realised recently that it improves me greatly, so maybe I need to follow your example and start a new habit!

  6. You look great either way! I am hit and miss with makeup. A little gloss in the morning and bronzer is all for me...and i forget to reapply my gloss after lunch...shame on me :(


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